Might & Magic Heroes VI v1.4 Patch Released, v1.5 Patch Sneak Peek

Ubisoft has released a new v1.4 patch for Might & Magic Heroes VI, which primarily adds new map downloading functionality to the game, expands the map editor, and makes the Archipelago map a permanent addition to your collection. Grab it from Steam, AtomicGamer, Shacknews, or whatever favorite download site you frequent:
- Added the Custom Map Exchange feature, allowing players to download missing maps in the lobby, from the host.
- Added the Archipelago map, previously available only during the Christmas event, in Skirmish mode (solo and multiplayer)
- Added features in the map editor:

o Help Files: Added tutorials in the Map Editor
o Initial Map Setup: Set a trigger to set up the initial structure allowing to save a map right after creation
o Unified Object Behavior: Implemented unified behavior for all affected objects (e.g.: object selection, scaling, rotation handling, etc.)
o Mini map: Removed the non-functional mini map from the Map Editor

If that changelog left you wanting more, here's a sneak peek at what they have planned for the v1.5 patch:
- Refitting of Core unit health and defense

o Stronger differentiation between might & magic defense of units according to their nature
o Reduction of power for Necropolis units
o Increase of power for Inferno units

Tweaking of creature growth for some core and elite creatures

- Increase of power for Luck in general, by increasing creature luck values, especially for Inferno
- Increasing interest of abilities that affect might offense, might defense, luck and leadership

- Refitting of healing powers of certain creatures (Haven SISTERS mainly)

- Increase of power for most DIRECT DAMAGE SPELLS, especially ZONE DAMAGE SPELLS (like FIREBALL)

- Increase of power for MASS STAND YOUR GROUND ability
- Increase of damage boost for MASS HEROISM ability
- Increase of power for ARCHERY I ability
- Decrease of the Enlightment ability to 20%

- Increase of power and cooldown time for POISON CLOUD spell
- Increase of power for MASS AGONY spell
- Increase of power for WEAKNESS spell