Game of Thrones Reviews

We have rounded up another small batch of reviews for Cyanide's Game of Thrones RPG, and it doesn't seem like they're any more positive towards the French-developed role-playing title based on the A Song of Ice and Fire universe.

GameInformer, 6.0/10.
At its worst, Game of Thrones is difficult to tolerate, but the burden of its many problems isn't enough to render the experience worthless. For those already familiar with the franchise, the story of Mors and Alester is consistent with the world and provides insight into events beyond the reach of the regular series cast. However, you must be a forgiving and devoted fan to enjoy the best that this game can offer. Otherwise, you're better off following the words of Genna Lannister: (Better to mock the game than to play and lose."

Joystiq, 2.5/5.
Cyanide's vision for Game of Thrones is ambitious, but the studio's end product has buckled under the weight of its intricate design document. Despite some ideas I've fallen in love with, it's a buggy and ugly mess of a video game. Even for its story and brushes with the franchise's fiction, it's difficult to recommend to either series vets or role-playing fans.

GameSpot, 7.0/10.
Game of Thrones serves as a worthy companion to the novels because it introduces a storyline and characters that fit right in with George R. R. Martin's world. But the story is the only element that's worthy of this great heritage. The other aspects are competently done, but all have enough flaws to serve as a distraction at times. Thankfully, the focus is clearly placed on the story, and those other parts are pleasant enough to get through that the flaws won't derail your fun. Game of Thrones weaves together an enticing string of events that makes it difficult to pull away from.

Cheat Code Central, 1.9/5.
In fact, that's the one word I would use to describe this game as a whole: boring. Everything about the game seems to be crafted in such a way to make the experience as un-engaging as possible. The graphics: poor. The voice acting: dry. The combat: repetitive. The story: uninteresting. In fact, the only thing this game has going for it is the Game of Thrones IP it is attached to, which is par for the course for licensed games. Frankly, there just isn't enough content here to satisfy even the most hardcore fan of the series. It's a shame, because A Game of Thrones truly has the potential to become an amazing console RPG. This just isn't it.

Machinima, 6/10.
A lesson for all you would-be game reviewers out there: there's a difference between liking a bad game while knowing it's bad, and discounting a game's glaring flaws while proclaiming it to be amazing. Game of Thrones is satisfactory at best, and dreadfully slow and ugly at worst. But there is fun to be had here. Despite all the shortcomings, I had fun, and with video games that's the most important element for my enjoyment. It's not for everyone. It isn't really an RPG, even if the stat-building is solid. It's kind of a light adventure game, sort of. I really can't recommend it to anyone who isn't a Game of Thrones fan already, as the references, characters, plot, and story are all pretty flimsy unless you're familiar with the property. That said, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, the game does a respect to the source material and should you have enough will in you to get through the initial putrid hours, you might find something in it to like, too.