Dragon Age: The Silent Grove Comic Series Going Hardcover

Dark Horse realizes that not everyone has been tuning in regularly for their digital-only Dragon Age: The Silent Grove comic series, so they're rounding up the first six issues of the creative work and packing them into a hardcover volume that'll debut on July 25th for a suggested price of $14.99. Word is:
Available in print for the first time, Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is the perfect introduction to BioWare's dark fantasy universe! In this essential, canonical story from David Gaider, lead writer of the games, King Alistair, accompanied only by rogues Isabela and Varric, embarks on a quest deep inside the borders of Antiva a nation of assassins! Together, they will encounter a prison break, dragons, the mysterious Witch of the Wilds, and one of the greatest secrets in the history of the world!

* Story by David Gaider, lead writer of the Dragon Age games and novels!

* Collecting Dragon Age #1 #6, previously available only on the Dark Horse digital store!
The series was originally going to span twelve issues, so I can only assume we'll see a second hardcover volume down the road.