Wasteland 2 Interview

NowGamer is offering up their own interview with inXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo about Wasteland 2, and while it covers mostly familiar territory at this point, it's still a decently interesting read. Here's a snippet:
Wasteland clearly still holds a place in the heart of many gamers. Did you have any interaction with the license holders or the old team at Interplay when formulating the Wasteland 2 project?

For the most part I have put the old team back together. Besides me I have Alan Pavlish, Mike Stackpole, Liz Danforth and Ken St. Andre helping shape and create things. Anyone who enjoyed the original Wasteland or even Fallout 1 and 2 will quite enjoy stepping into the dark and twisted world of Wasteland 2.


What can you tell us about your plans for Wasteland 2 in terms of gameplay, visual themes etc? Will it remain true to the original?

We are going to build upon all the elements that made Wasteland great. You control of a group of desert rangers in the southwest part of the states who are seeking to restore some law and order into a post apocalyptic world.

But despite their mission of restoring peace it is up to the players to decide the morality of their choices. We will not preach what behavior to take and nor will every negative thing you do necessarily turn into something bad happening to you.

The game will be party based like the original, feature modern day weapons for combat and use the skill system that everyone loved so much. Visual themes will run the gamut from desolate and bleak to cities that are attempting to recover from destruction.