Path of Exile Stress Test Weekend Has Begun

You have about 40 more hours to get in on the Path of Exile stress test weekend, which will not only give you a taste of the popular action RPG, but will also give the team a chance to see how their servers operate under heavy load. If you're looking for something new (and free) to play this weekend, head over and grab the client here. Don't forget that they're hosting some events, as well:
6. What content is available during the weekend?

All of the current Closed Beta content. This includes two acts repeated over four difficulties (about 60 levels worth of content), the Maelstrom of Chaos, Default and Hardcore leagues, five character classes, approximately 55 active skills, 40 support gems and hundreds of types of items. 7. Will there be any special events during the public weekend?

For the last few months, we've been running weekly special events in Path of Exile. For example, a three hour event that rewards the people that reach the highest level or the first people to accomplish certain tasks (completing quests, clearing an area of monsters, etc). We're going to try to run four of these events during the public stress test weekend. The exact schedule of times as well as more detailed information about rules and prizes will be posted before the weekend starts.

These events take place in temporary leagues that we create on the server specifically for the event. Players must create new characters to participate in these events and they do not have the benefit of any stashed items. Following the event, the league is closed and characters are moved to the appropriate permanent league.

There are four events running this weekend. Each event will last for two hours.

Event One (Sat 4pm NZ time - click for time conversions): Default (not Hardcore)

Event Two (Sun 8am NZ time - click for time conversions): Default (not Hardcore)

Event Three (Sun 9pm NZ time - click for time conversions): Hardcore

Event Four (Mon 1pm NZ time - click for time conversions): Hardcore