Ruin Becomes Warrior's Lair, First Official Details

Remember when Sony revealed Idol Minds' PS3- and Vita-exclusive action RPG Ruin at last year's E3? Well, the game has since went through a name change (most likely to distance itself from Square Enix's similarly-named title), and the PlayStation Blog is hosting the first official details on what has become Warrior's Lair. Surprisingly, the word "action" can't be found anywhere in the new description:
Rise from the ruins of a shattered civilization to complete quests, collect rare treasures and take down rival lairs in this brutal and intense RPG. Choose from unique classes with powerful skills, then broadcast your accomplishments or challenge others online. And always stay connected save, resume and play between PlayStation®Vita and PS3, decimating all who oppose you.

'¢ Engage Everywhere. Stay connected via the PlayStation®Vita, Web and PS3; quest, challenge rivals and craft everywhere you go.
'¢ Multiplatform Gaming. Save, resume and play across both platforms. Enhance your experience on the PS3 with 3D and the PlayStation Move.
'¢ Friends As Rivals. Work with and against each other as you search for rare treasures, trophies and rewards.
'¢ Personalized Lairs. The manifestation of your accomplishments, show it off and challenge others to take you on.
'¢ Broadcast Your Supremacy. Show off rare equipment and victories across various social outlets.