Elemental, Fallen Enchantress, and Demigod Coming to Steam?

Gamasutra brings word from Stardock CEO Brad Wardell that the company plans to offer their titles on Steam now that Impulse has been purchased by GameStop and they no longer have a conflict of interest with Valve's service. Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is the only title confirmed to be heading Steam's direction at the moment, but I suspect that Elemental, Fallen Enchantress, and Demigod aren't far behind.
"With the sale of our former PC digital download technology to GameStop earlier this year, we no longer have any conflicts of interest in offering our titles to other digital distribution channels," Stardock CEO Brad Wardell said in a statement.

Other Stardock titles will be coming to Steam "in the coming weeks" Wardell said, and the company is also planning "more distribution platform announcements" in that time frame to "give fans the opportunity to play on the platform of their choice."

In late 2009, Stardock estimated that Impulse made up roughly 10 percent of the digital distribution market, compared to 70 percent for Steam.