GB Feature: Hellgate Global Equipment Database and Damage Overview

After an extensive amount of work that included familiarizing ourselves with T3Fun's revised iteration of Hellgate and its Hellgate: Tokyo expansion pack, we're finally able to bring you a massive equipment database that includes all 450+ rare, legendary, unique, mythic, and set items in the base game and its addon. The database is set up in a similar manner to our Hellgate: London database, but we've added all of Global's new items (including the recent Halloween event helmets), fixed all of the revised feeds and effects, and have inputted as many "jitter" variables as we've been able to determine. We've also singled out the set items so they can be browsed through more easily.

On top of that, we've also put together a damage overview called "Damage, Mods, and the Nano Forge" that attempts to dispel some of the mystery surrounding how damage is calculated in the game. The information contained within is based on our own experience with the game, information that was passed down from Flagship Studios prior to their closure, and conversations we've had with HanbitSoft's Namo Kang, so we're confident in its validity. If you're looking for the best way to mod your gun or are unsure if the costs associated with the Nano Forge are worth it, you'll definitely want to give it a read.

As always, enjoy!