X-Men Destiny Reviews

We have rounded up some more unfavorable reviews for Silicon Knights' action-RPG based on Marvel's beloved superhero franchise, X-Men Destiny, in line with the opinions of the critiques that preceded them and most likely will follow them.

FMV Magazine, 1/5.
Overall X-Men Destiny is one of the worst games I have played in a very long time. Everything in the game made me cringe from the moment I hit the start button. Since first being unveiled almost a year ago this has not had much coverage on any gaming sites or magazines, and you can see why. It just feels like a rushed product and maybe should have had more development time and better ideas. To anyone who was thinking of purchasing this game, I recommend putting it right back down and saving your money. X-Men Destiny is a shame and blemish on the beloved comic franchise, and Jack Kirby would be turning in his grave if he saw it.

Wired Reviewers, 2.5/5.
As much as I wanted this game to work, it just simply falls short. Some weird choices in design, and in the story itself (the entire game takes place over 2 days). Only X-Men fans would truly appreciate the game, and leave everyone else scratching their heads in confusion (and in the sheer sillyness of it sometimes). The dated graphics, repetitive combat, and overall short nature of this game will turn off most gamers to be sure. Those who however wish to live out the fantasy of being a giant mutant rock giant as they crush enemies with ease may want to check this out, just maybe not for 60 bucks.

Xbox Home, 5/10.
Only the most die-hard X-men fans will want to pick this game up, period. To once again state the obvious, this is a title that deserves to slide into obscurity. Poor gameplay and terrible design choices make this game not worth the time it takes to complete it. Sadly, the most interesting facet of this game is probably the cover art. For long time fans of the X-Men franchise it's somewhat disheartening to see such a title released sporting its namesake, but you can't win them all can you?