Fallout: New Vegas DLC Round-up Review

The folks at RPGamer have rounded up their thoughts on the four story-based DLC that Obsidian has developed for their take on the retro-50s sci-fi universe of Fallout, with two brief write-ups from two different writers on every DLC pack, although the takes are rather similar. Here's on Lonesome Road:
Lonesome Road is the last DLC of the Fallout: New Vegas quartet, and it brings the story full circle. The Courier is contacted by the original Courier Six, a man by the name of Ulysses, who refused to deliver the Platinum chip at the start of the main game. It is here in the Divide that the player learns the truth behind why he or she was the last to carry on this mission. Lonesome Road is by far the most linear of the four DLCs, and with good reason. Its linearity represents that long winding rad-filled road between the Courier and possible salvation within the Divide. The writing is powerful, pushing forward moral choices that can feel heavy handed, but which have consequences to match. The decisions made by the player will have full affect on the Mojave when completed, so it's worth it to the take the journey for Obsidian's writing alone. This locale is also one of the most difficult to navigate as areas are full of radiation and irradiated Deathclaws that come in droves. Although players are given a special weapon, the Red Glare, it can be a real challenge to keep important items in stock as supplies are scarce in many locations. This can pose a challenge, but with the help of ED-E, players will at least have a companion on this difficult journey. Lonesome Road is not only a morally driven DLC, but it's also a combat heavy one that will challenge players to the fullest. If swarms of Deathclaws fail to appeal, then this add-on is one to avoid. If a challenge is what one is seeking, look no further than the Divide. - Sam Marchello

Sam's Verdict: The complete package, though its challenge level may be a turn off for some.

Lonesome Road is a fitting end to the New Vegas DLC. Its linear nature makes it seem almost like a final dungeon, and as such, the higher level of challenge found here is completely understandable. Though interaction with other characters is at a minimum, what there is between Ulysses and ED-E is often very heavy with Ulysses often waxing poetic about why he and the Courier are in this mess. A lot of the discussion is very subtle, and will reference back at times to the other DLC. It's a fantastic send off for the game and grants some wonderful bonuses. Just don't expect it to be a walk in the park, as you'll likely be going through stimpaks like crazy. Oh, and the Courier's Mile is the most brutal area in the entirety of the game, so make sure not to miss it, especially if you want all of the achievements. - Michael Cunningham

Michael's Verdict: Totally worth the effort it will take you to get through it. Tackle it last, because you'll need all of your resources to make it through.