Richard Garriott's "Ultimate Ultima"

According to a brief, article-style interview with Portalarium's Richard Garriott on GamersGlobal, the veteran designer intends to create (or is currently creating) a medieval-themed, non-typical MMO that he envisions as an "Ultimate Ultima" that will run through his CenterPort project. Since EA just continues to sit on the Ultima franchise, it's too bad he can't simply license the name rather than creating something entirely new:
In short, Garriott will make a new Ultima. The name no longer belongs to him, but Electronic Arts, so he said in an interview constantly of "Ultimate this, Ultimate, the" or "Ultimate Britannia Kind Of World" goes, but the content he is a great, certainly medieval-themed fantasy world. It will take place online, be persistent and bring together the different types of players and all ages. You should give players a core core game-playing experience, but also make fun casual gamers. He plans obviously, as Lord British to appear in the game (as with all Ultima), it runs again partly in his old outfit around Fair (Silver Serpent pendant at the neck).

The "Ultimate World" project will also be no other MMO, and also not a typical social game, and also not a typical F2P game. Garriott is planning a mixture of them all. He wants to pick up, especially something that has existed in Ultima Online, but since then his statement is no longer in an online role-playing game: play the same role as traders and fishermen in UO, that have nothing to do with fighting. That is disturbing on virtually all current MMOs Garriott: The fact that every character class, whether it turns as a supporter or tank or damage dealer, ultimately died from killing monsters. This would deter a large number of potential players.
Thanks, RPGWatch.