Eight Mundane Things That Are Better Than Dungeon Siege III

It doesn't seem like the folks at Metro Pulse enjoyed Obsidian's attempt to resurrect the Dungeon Siege franchise at all, as they compile a list of eight mundane things they consider better than playing the dungeon crawler. Here's a sampling of this.. ehrm, creative list:
HELPED PAINT THE PORCH: Here's a lesson for all you World of Warcraft devotees there are perfectly normal ways to grind through repetitive, seemingly meaningless tasks in the real world, and many of them involve rewards more tangible than better ways to grind for the next reward. In Dungeon Siege III's case, it's nearly impossible to tell that the rewards even exist, since the graphics are typically too blurry to display them.

STUDIED FOR A MIDTERM: I didn't really need to, and God knows I didn't want to, but when compared to the dreary, robotic lines of your average Dungeon Siege III conversation, the ins and outs of an elementary psychology textbook seem downright poetic.

UPGRADED AN ELDERLY RELATIVE'S CABLE SERVICE: To its credit, Dungeon Siege III is a relatively lag-free affair, inasmuch as its short, cramped corridors are so small that several of them can be loaded all at once without slowing down the game. Even so, playing through the same half-dozen of them gets old quickly, and after seeing the same generic forest theme for the hundredth time, the prospect of half an hour on hold with a Comcast technician seems not so bad by comparison.