Ultima Forever Website Live, Ultima IV For Free

While the fact that EA accidentally revealed it earlier took away the surprise, the Ultima Forever website is now live. The website dubs itself "a celebration of all things Ultima" and, as a promising start, offers Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar for free (albeit not bundled with DOSbox).  Here's the press release that just came in:
EA and BioWare Mythic are celebrating 30 years of the Ultima Franchise by offering a free PC download of the classic Ultima IV, one of the most heralded RPGs in gaming history. The download is available at the newly launched Ultima heritage site www.UltimaForever.com.  

Stretching across dozens of games, multiple platforms  and three decades, millions of people from all over the world have set out on great adventures in the world of Ultima. Beginning with the classic Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness, they have braved perilous dungeons, faced off against fearsome enemies, conquered lands and saved the world.  The original Ultima series includes some of the most beloved fantasy games of all time and helped set the stage for the pioneering Ultima Online, which launched more than a decade ago and was recognized with the inaugural GDC Online Hall of Fame award in 2010.

Continuing the celebration, the classic PC editions of Ultima, Ultima Underworld and Ultima Underworld II have been re-mastered for current PC operating systems and are available today on GOG.com.  Stay tuned for more information about additional re-mastered Ultima titles in the future.

For additional information on EA and BioWare Mythic's celebration of the Ultima franchise, its heritage and Ultima IV please visit www.UltimaForever.com.
What will the future of the website and the Ultima franchise hold? "Have you heard something, Avatar?"