Gas Powered Games Interview

Big Download has cranked out a new interview with Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor, and while Age of Empires Online is the primary topic, they do cross over into Dungeon Siege and Demigod territory.
Dungeon Siege III is due out in late May. As a consultant are you happy with what Obsidian are doing with your former game franchise?

I wished I could be a consultant all the time, especially if I'm working with people as talented as the crew at Obsidian... happiness is easily attainable.

You talked in an interview a few months ago about a possible sequel to Demigod. Is that still on the table, especially with all of these action-RTS game that are now popping up?

Things are moving so quickly in the business, anything is possible, and we've explored this in particular on and off over the past year. Right now, I don't have anything new to tell you, but don't be surprised if that changes too!