Eschalon: Book II Review

The editors at Brash Games have gotten around to reviewing Eschalon: Book II, in which they dole out a score of 8/10 to Basilisk Games' ambitious RPG sequel.
The graphics are an isometric view point and although they won't win any awards for their technicality, they serve the purpose of the game and keep the feel of the story adequately enough. Sound and music are really good and fit the fantasy bill with impressive flair. Standing in the middle of the forest, for example, your speakers will assault your ears with bird-song and wind rustling through the leaves, as will the bitter chill wind, whipping about your under garments in the frozen wastes, enough to make you cold just thinking about it. The gameplay works well, but it can become a bit boring after the umpteenth battle with a rat. I suppose, without tarring the brush with anyone in particular, Eschalon will appeal to those who loved the classic RPG's of yesteryear.

There's so much more to do in Eschalon Book 2 that I can possibly write in a review, it's a very good RPG and despite the old school look and feel it works really well. The game world is huge and there is certainly plenty to do, however, you'll most likely end up restarting the game a few times just to get the best start for your character's skills and stats. Eschalon Book 2 is a good game, very absorbing with ten's of hours of play just on the main quest alone.