Torchlight Xbox 360/Torchlight II Interview

Runic Games' Erich Schaefer, Brock Jones, and Wonder Russell took some time out of their days to answer a batch of questions at N4G about two of their current projects: Torchlight on the Xbox 360 and Torchlight II. A snippet:
CS: What will PC gamers who also want to play the game on their 360 notice that's different?

RG: Gamers will notice a difference in UI, in skill trees, in potion stacking, and especially a difference in combat. One of the best examples are the Vanquisher's ranged attacks. Depending on how you automap the skills, traps will be thrown either at a fixed range or a range determined by how long you hold down the button. There were also changes to AoE attacks. And, there are three new armor sets for each character and a new pet.

CS: How did the process of Torchlight on 360 affect the development of Torchlight II?

RG: We learned a lot of lessons in making Torchlight for Xbox that are being implemented into Torchlight II, so it was a great process for us internally. Some of those things are the skill trees, UI, and combat, that we found just worked better, simpler, and were more intuitive. A lot of engine optimizations also carried over. Torchlight II has multiplayer and updated graphics, but we hope it will run at least as well as the first Torchlight.