Might & Magic Heroes VI Preview

It's time to chalk up another preview for Black Hole's Might & Magic Heroes VI, the latest bizarrely named entry to Ubisoft's continuation of the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise. This one comes to us via GamePro:
Heroes VI introduces a Reputation system. Your actions take you down one of two paths: the Path of Dragon Blood (active, offensive) or the Path of Dragon Tears (reactive, defensive). These determine which ending you receive in the epilogue. Aggressive play puts you down the Blood path. Reputation also influences your advanced classes. A Haven hero may rank up to a Vindicator (Blood path) or a Paladin (Tears path). You gain more Reputation by letting foes flee when faced with overwhelming forces.

Each faction has special abilities. The Haven faction may summon a Guardian Angel that protects your troops, making one unit stack invulnerable. This plays to Haven's strengths, which focus on a defensive posture. If you favor an offensive posture, the Haven player may use Fervor, which gives their troops offensive and defensive stat boosts.