The Age of Decadence Demo to Include 15% of Game

Iron Tower's combat demo for The Age of Decadence gave us a very small glimpse of the upcoming turn-based RPG, but the next demo will apparently include one of the game's three cities and all of its associated quests and content. A sizeable portion of the game, in other words:
The next demo is the starting town (one of the 3 towns in the game, so there will be plenty of content there) with all the quests and features you'll see in the full game.


About 15% of the full game, and yes, saves should be compatible.


A demo should give people a good idea of what the game is like. From this ground-breaking point of view, 15 or even 25% isn't a lot. If a game is well done, playing a big chunk of it should make people want more. If it's not the case then we have failed miserably and should not be in business.


The reasoning, actually, is quite simple. If we didn't care much about the community, we would have done the "right thing" - released the full demo (beta-tested by 10-15 people first) when the game was ready, counting on the impulse "I've gotta keep playing" purchase.

As it happened, we do care about (and are very grateful to) people who have supported us for years and we really want to give them something to play asap. It's not the smartest move, like I said, but overall we're putting all our chips on the community not all marketing and hype.

You take care of people who want to play your game (instead of fucking them over and trying to court people who haven't even heard about it) and they just might take care of you.
^ our mission statement