Age of Decadence Demo Released

As promised for quite awhile now, Iron Tower Studio has released a 180 MB demo of Age of Decadence, complete with all of the game's intended music, sounds, and more. A good idea of how the final game is going to look, sound, and play, in other words. Vince's comments:
Update: all sounds are in, the music is in, one-click interaction is in (until now clicking on any object opened a small window with developers' tools: quick access to stats, skills, inventory, AI, pathfinding analysis, let you take over and play with this character against your former PC testing the abilities, etc), plus some minor tweaks.

So, tomorrow we'll check everything again and then it's all yours.

Merry Christmas, guys.


Go nuts.
The guys at Iron Tower have a 5GB limit on their bandwidth, so I'd recommend doing a Google search for AoD_demo.exe to find an alternative download location (the FileFront link that comes up is a much better choice).