Neverwinter Nights Contests, Halloween Weekend Promotion

To celebrate the DRM-free release of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition, the folks over at Good Old Games are hosting two contests entitled "The Tale of the DRM Monster and the Treasure of GOG" and "Make the DRM Monster". I'll quote their description on what each entails:
The Contests:

1. The Tale of the DRM Monster and the Treasure of GOG
Make a module with the above title. It is that simple. Be as creative as you like. But obviously, the title should match the plot. See later section for module guidelines.

2. Make the DRM Monster
Dust off that copy of 3DSMax (or your tool of choice) and give us your best Dr. Frankenstein impression. We're dying to know what a DRM monster should look like.

The Prizes:

What are the prizes? For the module contest, the top five entries will be winners and their authors get five free games each. For the model contest, the top entry will earn the winner three free games. That is a total of 28 free games being given away!

Module Guidelines:

1. 3 Areas: an interior starter area, an exterior transition area and a final interior.
2. No custom content. You can only submit a module file (no haks), a character file (see #5) and screenshots (see #8).
3. Up to 3 friendly NPCs
4. No more than 10 hostile creatures
5. Include a premade character capable of surviving the module
6. No more than 5 conversations
7. 10-20 minutes playtime.
8. Include 2 to 5 screenshots
Additionally, we happen to know that Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption will be part of a 40% off Halloween promotion that kicks off tomorrow.  If you've been wanting to pick it up, check back tomorrow!