Ability: Dexterity
Requires Training: No
Classes: All

Parry allows the character to block incoming attacks and make spectacular counterattacks.

Check: The DC is the modified attack roll of the incoming blow. A successful Parry check means that the attack does not damage the parrying character. A character may only parry a number of attacks per round equal to the number of attacks per round available to the character.

Special: If the parry is successful and the difference between the roll and the DC is ten points or greater, a counterattack occurs. A counterattack is a free attack made by the parrying character against the parried opponent. The first counterattack in a round is made with a full attack bonus and subsequent counterattacks are made at -5, -10, -15, and so on.

Use: Select the Parry mode. The character will remain in parry mode until the mode is exited.