Craft Trap
Craft Trap
Ability: Intelligence
Requires Training: No
Classes: All

The character using this skill can combine raw components to form various trap kits. Creating a trap kit requires a trap kit mold, which can be purchased from many merchants throughout the game, a number of elemental components (see below), and access to a blacksmith's workbench and a Smith Hammer item. To create a trap, place the trap mold and all elemental components into the workbench's inventory, then use the Smith Hammer item on the workbench. To create a specific type of trap, you need the appropriate elemental components, as follows:

Acid Splash Trap: Acid Flask
Acid Blob Trap: Acid Flask and Tanglefoot Bag
Electrical Trap: Quartz Crystal
Fire Trap: Alchemist's Fire
Frost Trap: Coldstone
Gas Trap: Choking Powder
Holy Trap: Holy Water
Negative Energy Trap: Obsidian
Sonic Trap: Thunderstone
Spike Trap: Dagger
Tangle Trap: Tanglefoot Bag

In addition, the power level of the trap is determined by the number of elemental components you use in the crafting of the trap. The power level, in turn, determines the minimum Craft Trap ranks required to create the item.

Minor Trap: 1 elemental component, 5 ranks Craft Trap
Average Trap: 3 elemental components, 10 ranks Craft Trap
Strong Trap: 5 elemental components, 15 ranks Craft Trap
Deadly Trap: 7 elemental components, 20 ranks Craft Trap

Use: Selected.