Elemental Spells
Tier 1 (Requires Elemental 1 and Intelligence 10)
  • Air Shield: Creates a bubble of dense, high-pressure air around the caster, shielding him from most projectiles. The duration is 20 turns per casting level. Note: Air Shield works only when the source of the projectile is greater than one space away. It does not prevent damage from melee weapons or point-blank (adjacent square) projectiles.

  • Dancing Lights: Causes some enemies to flee in fright from the magical display of lights. Larger or more intelligent creatures require a higher casting level for the spell to be effective.

  • Element Armor: Gives the caster an increased level of protection from the elements (fire, cold, electricity). The effect of the spell is +10% resistance to elements per casting level. The duration is 75 turns.

  • Fire Dart: Causes a searing hot ember to shoot from the caster's hands towards the target. The effect is 2-4 hit points of fire damage per casting level.

  • Gravedigger's Flame: This spell creates a magickal torch that floats above the caster's head, illuminating the darkness around him. The duration of the spell is based on the casting level.

  • Predator Sight: This spell allows the caster to see the faint electromagnetic aura that all creatures emit, whether they are living, animated or extra-dimensional. In daylight this has practically no effect, but in darkness the caster is able to see all creatures glowing green, which clearly reveals their location. Using Predator Sight, a caster does not receive any penalty for attacking in low light conditions. The duration is 40 turns per casting level.

  • Reveal Map: This spell grants the caster +3 points of the cartography skill per casting level. The duration is 10 turns per casting level.

  • Sonic Blast: This spell creates an intense subsonic wave that temporarily stuns all nearby targets, lowering their offensive and defensive abilities. The casting level determines the overall power and range of the blast.

Tier 2 (Requires Elemental 5 and Intelligence 15)
  • Chameleon: Causes the caster to blend in with the environment, making him harder to hit. The duration is 20 turns per casting level.

  • Compress Atmosphere: This spell creates a bubble of crushing air around several targets, inflicting 4-6 points of damage per casting level.

  • Deep Freeze: This spell blasts a single living target with a sub-freezing ball of ice, inflicting a massive 5-8 hit points of cold damage per casting level. However, the extremely cold temperature generated by this spell has no effect on inanimate objects.

  • Enkindled Weapon: This spell temporarily imbues any weapon held in the caster's hand with bonus fire damage. The effect is 2 points of fire damage per casting level. The duration is 50 turns.

  • Fireball: Launches a fireball towards the target. The effect is 4-7 points of fire damage per casting level, affecting both living and non-living targets. The concussion of the fireball's blast also produces collateral damage to surrounding creatures and objects.

  • Lock Melt: This spell concentrates heat onto the lock mechanism of a door or chest, softening the metal components until they fail. Higher quality locks require a more powerful casting level as the quality of the metal and craftsmanship of the lock are less susceptible to heat damage.

  • Trapkill: When cast upon a trap or trapped object, waves of atmospheric pressure compress the trap, forcing it into mechanical failure. Most traps, especially those of simpler design, are susceptible to these rapid fluxations of pressure and can fail or be remotely triggered through the casting of this spell. The stronger the casting level, the better chance there is of the trap being eliminated. This spell may be cast multiple times on the same trap to disarm it.

Tier 3 (Requires Elemental 11 and Intelligence 20)
  • Invisibility: Physically warps light around the caster, making him invisible and impossible to visually track by enemies. The duration of the spell is 5 turns per casting level.

  • Portal: This spell allows the caster to set an anchor point anywhere in the world, and then later recast the spell to open a portal back to that anchor point. Each casting level allows a different portal anchor point.

  • Supernova: Supernova creates a fiery blast that emanates from the caster causing 3-4 points of fire damage per casting level on every object and creature in the area.