Atheists have their mind grounded in observable truths. They simply do not believe in any higher spiritual power or superstitions. Because of this, they are immune to curses. However, this also makes them immune to the effects of blessings and altruistic healing from a cleric.


A person of Druidic faith believes in the divinity of the living world itself: plants and animals, sun and rain, day and night. While outdoors, followers of the Druidic faith regenerate lost Hit Points and Mana Points much faster than normally possible. However, while in dungeons or underground they regenerate these points much more slowly than normal.


A person of Virtuous faith lives a life of altruism and strives to promote goodwill with others. Their faith often revolves around the worship of one or more deities whom they believe hold dominion over all living things. Virtuous persons automatically receive the spell "Bless" and can cast it at Level 1 without the need for the Divination skill. However, Virtuous persons are much more susceptible to being cursed when in the presence of what they perceive as great evil.


A person of Nefarious faith lives a life of self-indulgence and corruption. By promoting wickedness in this life, they are ensured continued debauchery in the afterlife. Nefarious people have a 5% chance on any attack to deliver Malice Damage, an increase in damage gained by the use of savage and cruel combat techniques. However, they are immune to the effects of healing from an altruistic cleric or priest.


Agnostic people generally believe in some sort of higher power on a personal level, but they balance this belief with observable truths and grounded ideals. Being generally balanced, Agnostics receive neither bonuses nor penalties.