Fighters are experts at hand-to-hand combat, preferring the feel of a solid weapon in their hand over anything else. Fighters may adventure for the simple thrill of battle, or sell their services as a mercenary to the wealthiest armies. Fighters start with the Swords skill.


Rogues are loners who prefer to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. They often develop skills in lock picking and trap disarming, and they may dabble in unscrupulous activities, from petty thievery all the way up to assassinations. Certainly not all Rogues are criminals, and some have even become folk heroes while using their skills to help others. Rogues start with the Pick Locks skill.

Magick User

Magick Users are proficient in the magickal arts, as either a hobby or profession. Many people claim to possess some kind of magick talent, but true Magick Users choose to make it part of their everyday life, practicing their art every chance they get. The adept Magick User is both feared and respected by even the mightiest Warrior. Magick Users start with the Elemental skill.


Healers are people who promote the restoration of life. This doesn't imply that a Healer is opposed to taking life when necessary; sometimes a few must die to save the lives of many. Some Healers work through the use of Divination and spiritual faith, while others live by the sword, insisting that healing cannot begin until the decay has first been cut out. Healers start with the Divination skill.


Rangers are scouts and protectors of their homeland. They are unequaled hunters and survivalists. They fight hand-to-hand in combat only when needed, preferring guerilla tactics and ranged weapons to win battles. Rangers start with the Bows skill.