Game of the Year 2008

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Best Sound/Music

Best Sound/Music Winner
King's Bounty: The Legend (Winner)

There isn't a wide variety of music in King's Bounty: The Legend, but what's there supports the setting and combat scenarios effectively. In addition, the selection of sound effects for the game's many spells and rage abilities feel spot-on and underscore the enjoyability of combat. While KB's music and sound effects may not have been enough to win any other year (especially with the lack of voice acting), in 2008 they managed to outshine the competition.

Best Sound/Music Runner-upFable II (Runner-up)

Fable II's atmospheric score (composed by Danny Elfman and Russell Shaw), witty voice acting, and realistic weapon effects are all well above average, making the entire game a treat to listen to. Had the NPC commentary not been so overused and there have been a bit more musical diversity between regions, Lionhead's sequel would have probably cinched the top spot. Perhaps they'll figure out how to make the sound and music flow more perfectly in Fable III, but for now this is a great start.

Most Anticipated of 2009

Most Anticipated of 2009
Diablo III

To be honest, we don't really expect Blizzard's action RPG sequel to make it on store shelves in 2009. Until we actually hear differently, however, we're going to attempt to convince ourselves that this year marks our return to hell. Blizzard rarely fails to deliver quality games, and we're hoping this tradition continues with Diablo III despite concerns over auto-attribute allocation and art style. Assuming the sequel's traditional RPG elements are expanded upon, as promised, this is the game we're most looking forward to at the moment.