Chapter Three (The Crown and the Cut)
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The Sacred Guardian
Quest: The Sacred Guardian

How to Acquire: Talk to the dying guardian after arriving at Jerkal's Crown.

How to Complete: Destroy the dark generator that is attached to the displacer at the end of Jerkal's Crown.

Reward(s): None.

The Horror of the Runemaster
Quest: The Horror of the Runemaster

How to Acquire: Talk to Bran Torath, who was separated from his son, Lhuk Torath, by the Rune Master.

How to Complete: Defeat the Rune Master and the Rune Guardian.

Reward(s): You can now trade with Lhuk Torath.

The Sunken Tower
Quest: The Sunken Tower

How to Acquire: Talk to Therg the Historian, located just outside Kmethket Tower.

How to Complete: Fight your way through the tower until you find an exit.

Reward(s): None.