Chapter One (Shadows of the Past)
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First Trial
Quest: First Trial

How to Acquire: Talk to the mayor, Hardison Dhon, in the center of the village. He'll ask you to slay the monsters that ambushed their caravans and threaten more attacks on the town.

How to Complete: Once you've spoken to Hardison, he will open the northern gate to Snowy Canyon. Head North until you reach a cave marked "Cold Storage", then charge inside to defeat the Ice Giant boss.

Reward(s): For defeating the evil, the mayor will reward you with a Backpack, five Resurrect scrolls, an Orb of Fire scroll, a Helm of Khar, and some potions.

The Trapper
Quest: The Trapper

How to Acquire: To the west of where you spoke to the mayor is another small hut that is home to a man named Kron. Speak with him to learn about a bear that he'd like you to dispatch of.

How to Complete: When you head North into Snowy Canyon, be sure to explore near the bridge where you'll meet up with Jondar. The bear, "Yellow Eye", will be nearby for your slaying pleasure.

Reward(s): Return to Kron to receive 90 Gold Pieces.

Family Bow
Quest: Family Bow

How to Acquire: Speak with Reynard, who you can find in the tower at the western gate of Arhok. He'll ask you to deliver a bow to Lyssa.

How to Complete: Take the bow and head West through the Frozen Lake until you come up to the entrance to the Caves of the Lost. Lyssa will be standing just outside the entrance, so give her the bow and recruit her if you'd like.

Reward(s): Lyssa may become part of your party.

The Staff of Stars
Quest: The Staff of Stars

How to Acquire: This is the primary quest throughout the Legends of Aranna expansion and is given to you by the Arhok mayor, Hardison Dhon. However, you'll only receive this quest after you have completed the "First Trial" quest.

How to Complete: Make your way through all five chapters of the expansion and defeat the Shadowjumper to reclaim the Staff of Stars.

Reward(s): Completion of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna!