Rogue Race: Middenrealmian
Culture: Garetian

The rogue grew up in the back alleys of the big city. He is an expert in urban survival but a fish out of water in the wilderness. Charismatic and skilled in the art of persuasion, he is an expert at judging a person's character and intentions quickly and accurately. His preferred weapon is the dagger.

Starting Attributes
  • Courage: 13
  • Cleverness: 13
  • Intuition: 13
  • Charisma: 15
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Agility: 12
  • Constitution: 11
  • Strength: 11
Base Values
  • Vitality: 27
  • Astral Energy: 0
  • Endurance: 28
  • Resist Magic: 3
  • Good Looking: It's hard to say how he does it, but this hero seems to have an irresistible charm (+1 to Charisma).
  • Nature Talents Penalties: The hero is remarkably unskilled in all Nature Talents and is unlikely to ever truly master the arts of Survival, Plant Lore, Animal Lore, or Traps (-2 to all Nature Talents).