Battlemage Race: Middenrealmian
Culture: Andergastian

The battlemage completed her training at the Andergast battle school, a practically-oriented academy that specializes in training warrior wizards. She wreaks fiery devastation on her enemies, but she also knows how to defend herself with a staff.

Starting Attributes
  • Courage: 11
  • Cleverness: 14
  • Intuition: 13
  • Charisma: 13
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Agility: 11
  • Constitution: 14
  • Strength: 12
Base Values
  • Vitality: 31
  • Astral Energy: 37
  • Endurance: 30
  • Resist Magic: 6
  • Willpower Bonus: The hero has an remarkable capacity for pain - even serious injuries and strong pain cannot deter this hero. He is also resistant to temptations and provocations (+3 to Willpower).
  • Social Talents Penalty: The hero is remarkably unskilled in all Social Talents and is unlikely to ever truly master the arts of Etiquette, Human Nature, Seduce, Haggle, or Fast Talk (-2 to all Social Talents).