Courage (CO)

The ability to react quickly and resolutely in critical situations, but also daring, and fearlessness when facing new or risky situations. In a passive role, Courage represents a high level of willpower and mental toughness, both in resisting magic and when having to confront specters.

Cleverness (CL)

This signifies intelligence and logical reasoning, the ability to analyze a situation bit by bit and to draw rational conclusions, as well as a quick grasp of mundane and magical correlations. A high Cleverness value represents knowledge acquired from books and a good memory.

Intuition (IN)

The ability to make sound decisions without having to think about it at length, or a swift appraisal of people or situations when not all of the required data and facts are on hand. A healthy dose of empathy for people and the ability to attune oneself to the astral energy plane are also governed by Intuition.

Charisma (CH)

This is related to personal magnetism, eloquence and leadership qualities. The ability to make use of your own voice, gestures and facial expressions persuasively, as well as gauging the intensity of a magical aura are all linked to the Charisma value.

Dexterity (DE)

The skillful use of the hands and fingers, good hand-eye coordination, especially in intricate activities like writing, drawing, disarming traps and picking locks, general manual quickness.

Agility (AG)

General physical suppleness, quick reactions and reflexes, accuracy in judging your own reach, good at jumping and activities that express themselves in graceful movements when a high level of Agility is on hand.

Constitution (CN)

This nearly exclusively passive quality is a measure of physical robustness and resilience, the ability to withstand illness and poisons, the root of Vitality and Endurance.

Strength (ST)

Stands for the availability of raw muscle power, especially the capacity to use it tactically, and combined with Constitution is also a measure of the hero's general state of health.