Legend of Grimrock Equipment Database: Search Results
Heavy Shield
Category: Shield Weight: 6 kg
Effects: Evasion +10
• Level 5 - Found in secret room within the Haunted Halls.

Legionary Shield
Category: Shield Weight: 6.5 kg
Effects: Evasion +5

Round Shield
Category: Shield Weight: 3.5 kg
Effects: Evasion +7

Shield of the Elements
Category: Shield Weight: 7.5 kg
Effects: Evasion +10, Resist Fire +15, Resist Cold +15, Resist Poison +15, Resist Shock +15
A shiny shield that is embossed with the magical symbols of the four elements.
• Level 10 - Found in alcove after ascending from a level 11 pit drop.

Shield of Valor
Category: Shield Weight: 6.5 kg
Effects: Evasion +10, Strength +2, Resist Fire +20
It was rumored that even a dragon could not harm the emperor of Malan Tael when he carried this shield.
• Level 11 - Found in alcove within the Fighter's Challenge area.

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