Legend of Grimrock Equipment Database: Search Results
Bone Amulet
Category: Necklace, Utility Weight: 0.2 kg
A primitive amulet made out of bones that are bound together with string.
• Level 2 - Found on floor in one of the three skeleton ambush rooms.

Fire Torc
Category: Necklace Weight: 0.2 kg
Effects: Resist Fire +50
Two metal bands that clamp tightly around the neck. A faint sound of crackling embers can be heard emanating from it.
• Level 7 - Found on ground in northeast chamber.

Frostbite Necklace
Category: Necklace Weight: 0.2 kg
Effects: Resist Cold +50
This necklace, made out of Ice Lizard teeth, freezes everything it lays on but feels warm to the touch.
• Level 5 - Found in secret room within the Haunted Halls.

Spirit Mirror Pendant
Category: Necklace Weight: 0.2 kg
Effects: Wearer gains experience points 25% faster
The memories of countless heroes long since dead have been captured in this shiny pendant.
• Level 6 - Found in the Maze of Madness after hitting two hidden switches.

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