Legend of Grimrock Equipment Database: Search Results
Ancient Axe
Category: Axe Weight: 7.3 kg
Attack Power: 36 Speed: 7
Skill Requirement: Axes (15)
An axe that has probably seen more split skulls than any other in the history of mankind.
• Level 10 - Found on floor within secret room in The Caverns area.

Battle Axe
Category: Axe Weight: 4 kg
Attack Power: 20 Speed: 9

Hand Axe
Category: Axe Weight: 2.4 kg
Attack Power: 10 Speed: 11
Skill Requirement: Axes
• Level 2 - Found in alcove.

Category: Axe Weight: 8 kg
Attack Power: 24 Speed: 8
Skill Requirement: Axes (10)
The fjord dwellers prefer to wield heavy axes with two big blades made of blackened steel.
• Level 9 - Found in alcove behind secret door in northwest chamber.

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