Legend of Grimrock Equipment Database: Search Results
Blooddrop Blossom
Category: Alchemy Weight: 0.1 kg
Blooddrop Blossoms grow in places where great battles have been fought. Witches of the North use them in dark rituals.

Cave Nettle
Category: Alchemy Weight: 0.2 kg
A fairly common herb that flourishes in dark places. It is used to treat snake bites in a prepared form.

Grim Cap
Category: Alchemy, Food Weight: 0.3 kg
A delicious mushroom commonly found in damp underground caves. The legendary Master Chef of Nothampton Palace values them highly as an important ingredient in his finest soups.

Category: Alchemy Weight: 0.1 kg
Milkreed is a very delicate plant and very hard to grow. It is used for treating diarrhea and other digestion symptoms.

Slime Bell
Category: Alchemy Weight: 0.3 kg
A pearl like plant with a very hard shell. It is used for curing rheumatism, cramps, and back problems.

Tar Bead
Category: Alchemy Weight: 0.1 kg
A rare herb that grows in swamps and other moist areas. It is known for its potent healing properties.

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