Name: Dynaheir

Race: Human (F)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Invoker
  • STR 11
  • DEX 13
  • CON 16
  • INT 17
  • WIS 15
  • CHA 12

Special Abilities:
  • Slow Poison

Starting Equipment:
  • None

Gnoll Stronghold

How To Acquire:
Dynaheir is being held captive in one of the upper level "pits." Rescue her and she'll agree to join.

Dynaheir has very little to say. She is apparently from the far-eastern nation of Rasheman, and has come to the west with a bodyguard known as Minsc. Minsc is on his "dejemma," a right of passage, and it appears that she may be involved in something similar. Of this, she will only state that great things are foretold for the Sword Coast. She seems very sure of herself, is possessed with an old-world sensibility, and is very demanding of her companions.

She has expressed concerns about the sanity of her bodyguard, though she has an obvious respect for him and will not go far from his side.