Dorn (EE)
Name: Dorn

Race: Half-Orc (M)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Class: Blackguard
  • STR 19
  • DEX 16
  • CON 14
  • INT 10
  • WIS 15
  • CHA 16

Special Abilities:
  • Absorb Health
  • Aura of Despair
  • Poison Weapon

Starting Equipment:
  • Rancor +1
  • Splint Mail

Friendly Arm Inn

How To Acquire:
You will find Dorn at the Friendly Arm Inn. Speak to him on the tavern floor. Once you have done so, he will be encountered during a scripted event as you travel to the Nashkel Mines. Help him defeat his enemies and he will offer to join your party.

When you ask Dorn about his past, he says little. Despite your aid in fighting his former comrades, he seems slow to trust you with much personal information. From what you can piece together, the merciless half-orc hails from the north. You sense he has been betrayed in the past, and you expect he would exact harsh vengeance on anyone who betrays him in the future. His single-minded goals have left him with few interests or hobbies aside from combat.