Fandor's Map

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Reward: 4-5 runes of your class type, Fandor's Map
You can turn around and sell the map to:

  • King Mark (human King) in Greenwort for 250k gold
  • Tom Digor (dwarven King) in Ardan's Peaks for Mithril Shield
  • Queen Violetta (elven Queen) in Valley of a Thousand Rivers for 10 of each type of rune.

    Quest requires you travel throughout the world in search of obelisks to activate - 13 in all.

    1 - Keeper Neylus

    You can check in with Keeper Neylus to learn about what you need to do, which is to activate every Obelisk of Fandor throughout the game (there are 13) then return to actually begin the quest. See the map above and descriptions below for each location. Remember, one of them is right here at #2 in the center of the obelisk semi-circle. The number of unlit obelisks in the semi-circle correspond with the number out there in the world you still need to activate. It doesn't take long to double check when you have access to all the required areas.

    When you get all 13, speak again with Neylus, then enter the Pyramid and retrieve the map. When you return to Neylus you'll receive the first reward of the runes and map. Now go and sell it to the royalty of your choice - see above.

    2 - Obelisk Semi-circle and one of the Obelisks of Fandor

    Be sure to click the obelisk in the center of the semi-circle. It counts as one of the 13.

    3 - Obelisk of Fandor - Greenwort #1

    Near the magic school.

    4 - Obelisk of Fandor - Greenwort #2

    Island off the north beach near Kitano.

    5 - Obelisk of Fandor - Verlon Forest #1

    North of the lake.

    6 - Obelisk of Fandor - Verlon Forest #2

    Near the ruined castle.

    7 - Obelisk of Fandor - Arlania

    South of the main road, just before the road to the beach.

    8 - Obelisk of Fandor - Marshan Swamp

    Just south of the far east witch at the intersection.

    9 - Obelisk of Fandor - Western Islands #1

    North part of the starting island. Can take the path around.

    10 - Obelisk of Fandor - Western Islands #2

    Northwest island with the three brothers, on a sand bank.

    11 - Obelisk of Fandor - Eastern Islands

    Northern part of the starting island with Mirabella.

    12 - Obelisk of Fandor - Ardan's Peaks

    Just west of the Necromancer's house.

    13 - Obelisk of Fandor - Great Forest

    Semi-hidden path just south of the north beach near the main road.

    14 - Obelisk of Fandor - Gray Wasteland

    Around the path on the other side of the Boatman's house, in the far south of the area.

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