Location: Southern Vai'lutra Forest

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1 - Abandoned Houses

Inside these two abandoned houses, you'll find lecterns containing the chant of dexterity (Chant 26), the chant of intelligence (Chant 27), and the chant of strength (Chant 28).

2 - Magrus' House

You won't be able to get inside the house until after you've picked up the secondary quest Lothar's Innocence.

3 - Health Shrine

4 - Tree Home

Inside the tree home, you'll find a button that will cause a chest to rise up out of the ground.

5 - Circle of Mushrooms

The mushrooms are involved in the secondary quest Amren's Vision.

6 - Magrus

Magrus is involved in the secondary quest Lothar's Innocence.

7 - Levreth Estate

The Levreth Estate is involved in the secondary quest A Servant's Haunt. On the northern side of the estate, you can find lecterns containing the chant of fighter health (Chant 30), the chant of mage health (Chant 31), and the chant of ranger health (Chant 32).

8 - Caravan Driver Mylindril

Mylindril will tell you that the Vai'kesh have stolen the Aegis of Death, and that they've taken it to their sanctuary to the south. He'll also trigger the secondary quest Evangeline's Folly, if you talk to him after adding Eva to your party. (Eva won't become available until near the end of Act Two.)

9 - Tree Home

Inside the home you'll find an elevator that will take you down to a Flooded Chamber. On the eastern side of the chamber, if you click on a lamp, you'll reveal a secret room. Inside the secret room, you'll find a lectern with a mysterious chant (Chant 29) on it.

  1. Gate to Aman'lu.
  2. Path to the Vai'kesh Forest.