Chapter Two (Island of Legends)
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A Giant Task
Quest: A Giant Task

How to Acquire: Talk to Najj on the beach after arriving on the island and allow him to join your party.

How to Complete: Find Najj's tribesmen at the Fen of the Frozen.

Reward(s): You can have Najj, a strong melee fighter, in your party.

Recover Ilorn's Amulet
Quest: Recover Ilorn's Amulet

How to Acquire: Talk to Ilorn, the Utraean trader, who is standing on the beach with his carts.

How to Complete: Defeat the Jungle Slinger mini-boss, which you'll encounter to the north. It drops Ilorn's Amulet.

Reward(s): You can now trade with Ilorn.

The Wizard City
Quest: The Wizard City

How to Acquire: Talk to the elder Quadydhar who is standing in the central square of Illicor.

How to Complete: Clear Illicor of the Zaurask, which are found in the south-western corner of the city.

Reward(s): You can now trade with the citizens of Illicor.

Therg's Apprentice
Quest: Therg's Apprentice

How to Acquire: Talk to Ezmera on your way out of Illicor, she will ask you to find Algher Mhankur, the missing scribe who went with the historian Therg.

How to Complete: Find Algher at the Dig Site.

Reward(s): You can take Algher as an addition to your party.

The Stone of Lhaoc
Quest: The Stone of Lhaoc

How to Acquire: Talk to Algher Mhankur when you first meet him.

How to Complete: You find the stone in Xot's Pass during Chapter Four.

Reward(s): You can keep the Stone of Lhaoc, which can be equipped as an amulet and adds two points to a character's melee skill.

The Dark Acolytes
Quest: The Dark Acolytes

How to Acquire: Talk to Kirr, the half-giant chief in The Fen of the Frozen.

How to Complete: Defeat all of the dark acolytes which are on the other side of the swamp near the glowing red sarcophagus.

Reward(s): Respect and appreciation from Kirr, and any items found in the sarcophagus.

Scourge of Cicatrix
Quest: The Scourge of Cicatrix

How to Acquire: Talk to Konus who can be found near the entrance Cicatrix's lair.

How to Complete: Defeat Cicatrix, the undead centaur in The Mountain of the Dead.

Reward(s): Any items dropped by Cicatrix (a scythe and a shield) and his minions.

Special Delivery
Quest: Special Delivery

How to Acquire: Talk to Nirr, he asks you to deliver a letter to his son Jaff, who is supposed to be in Xulphae's Cove.

How to Complete: After arriving at Xulphae's Cove, you discover Jaff went as part of a delegation to Nossirom. He can now be found at the cave entrance to Nossirom's lair.

Reward(s): The satisfaction of knowing you've done something good for free.