Chapter Four (Pilgrimage of Redemption)
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The Healing Well
Quest: The Healing Well

How to Acquire: Talk to Eradi in Xulphae's Cove, she asks you to finish their ceremony and remove the Zaurask from the Healing Well.

How to Complete: Defeat all the Zaurask around the Healing Well.

Reward(s): The Well is no longer polluted, and now restores health when near it.

Quest: Redemption

How to Acquire: Talk to Uelda, her husband Umberteen was captured by the Droc and she asks you to rescue him.

How to Complete: You can find Umberteen in a cave full of water just after you defeat the mini-boss, the Great Krakbone. Defeat all the Droc around him and destroy the cage he is in.

Reward(s): He gives you his spell book, the "Book of Trickery", which already has a few spells within it.

Quest: Reunion

How to Acquire: After rescuing Umberteen, he asks you to locate his brother Ghage who is in Xulphae's Cove and let him know that he is safe.

How to Complete: After reaching Xulphae's Cove, Ghage is in the first cave that you come across. Simply talk to him to complete the quest.

Reward(s): Another quest, Nossirom's Fall.

Nossirom's Fall
Quest: Nossirom's Fall

How to Acquire: Talk to Ghage in Xulphae's Cove, he asks you to defeat Nossirom, the Zaurask king.

How to Complete: Defeat Nossirom, located in the Stronghold.

Reward(s): Any equipment Nossirom drops, including his journal.

Crystal Guardians
Quest: Crystal Guardians

How to Acquire: Talk to the goblin merchant, Neener, located in his store "Neener's Emporium" in the Stronghold.

How to Complete: Defeat the four Crystal Guardians so that you can pursue the Shadow Jumper to Mount Kreth.

Reward(s): You can use the displacer to get to Mount Kreth and the Great Clock.