The Beast's Domain

Welcome to The Beast's Domain, this is a REAL TIME adventure game for up to 250 players. Because the game is played in REAL TIME, the commands are probably used very differently than any other online game you've ever played. The following text will give you basic instructions on how to play, move your character around, and the various functions of the different command keys. Although the commands and their functions are always on the play screen for you to view, it is to your benefit to read through this file to get a better working knowledge of what everything does.

First we'll start off at the opening screen. Here you are given a few commands to choose from:
  • H: How to play The Beast's Domain, this will display the file that you are currently looking at.

  • E: Enter The Beast's Domain, this command will (obviously) take you into the game, when you are ready to start game play, use this command.

  • C: Cost to play The Beast's Domain, some Sysops may wish to charge a cost to play the game. If they do, this command will appear, and you can select it to see just how much it costs to play.

  • Q: Quit back to , if you do not wish to enter The Beast's Domain for any reason, select this, and you will be immediately returned to the BBS.
Now let's take a look at the various commands you can use during game play. These commands are always available on the screen during game play, but it's best to get a good knowledge of how to do things in case of split second emergencies (which can occur in this type of REAL TIME environment). Note that the commands are geared for use with the NUMERIC KEYPAD on your keyboard. If you do not have a numeric keypad, there are alternate commands for everything which are also shown. Note that a command of '0/R' means that if you are using the numeric keypad, you would use '0', otherwise you will need to use 'R' for that command. Also note that you must have the NUM LOCK turned ON in order to use the numeric keypad during the game.

Now let's check out what are called the 'Game Commands', these commands are always shown on the right hand side of the screen during game play:
  • S: Send Message in Game

    This command is used for INTER-Game chatting. When you use this command, the screen will remain intact (unlike when using the ^P command), and you will be able to send a message to ANY node within the game (not limited by ^P limitations). Notice that during game play, the bottom portion of the screen will display a list of numbers and names (ie:"01:King Dra"), this is the NODE NUMBER you will need to use when sending messages, and the first 8 characters of the name of the person on that node. Selecting 'R' from this command will allow you to send a message to all the players in the current ROOM.

  • ^P: Send Message to BBS

    This command is the same as the command on the BBS to send messages, using this command you can send messages to other people who are currently using the BBS.

  • ^U: List Users Online

    This command is also the same as the command on the BBS, pressing this will display a list of users currently on the bulletin board, and what they are doing.

  • ^R: Redraw Screen

    You will need to use this command if for any reason the format of the screen gets messed up. You will probably want to use this any time the screen gets garbage on it (usually caused by line noise and bad connections).

  • T: Terminate Session

    Select this command when you wish to exit from The Beast's Domain, you will be brought back to the BBS upon selecting this.

  • +: Pickup an Object

    When you move your character over the top of an object, a description of that object will be displayed under the map area of the screen. If you wish to carry this object with you to use on your journey, use this command to pick it up.

  • -: Drop an Object

    Exactly the opposite of the previous command. If you wish to drop something you are carrying, move to an empty spot in the dungeon, and select this command. You will be shown a list of what you are carrying, select the number of the object you wish to drop, or press ENTER if you don't wish to drop anything. You can not drop an object on top of another object.

  • 0/R: Toggle Weapon

    This command will ready any weapon you may be carrying (if you aren't carrying a weapon, you are basically readying yourself to fight, and you will be using your hands). When you run into monsters or other players when you are 'Readied for combat' you are attempting to strike them, and will do damage.

    NOTE: If you run into players without your weapon drawn, you will not harm them, and the game will display who that person is (unless they are invisible!). Running into monsters, however, will always result in the monster attacking you. Also note that you cannot pick up items or use gateways and stairs with your weapon ready, and if you enter a shop with your weapon out, it will automatically be put away.

  • ./I: Toggle Inventory

    You'll notice that the left hand side of the screen, during game play, will display a 'Compass' with the movement keys on it, and the direction the key will move you. This command will switch the right hand side of the screen display between this 'Compass' and your character's inventory.

  • 5/U: Use Special Item

    On your journey, you may wish to make use of the different magical items you come across. In order to do so, select this command. You will be given a list of the items that you are carrying to choose from, just select the item you wish to use, or press ENTER if you change your mind.
That's it for the 'Game Commands'. Before moving on to moving on to movement commands, let me give you a quick run down on how the shops work in this game. Since this is a REAL TIME adventure game, most things work quite a bit differently than they do in single player adventure games.
  • Purchasing an Item:When you enter a shop, you can purchase an item by simply moving over the top of the item you'd like to buy, and pressing the '+' (pickup an object) key. In the case of weapon and armor shops, if you are already carrying armor or a weapon, when you press the '+' key, the shopkeeper will offer you money for what you already have in trade for the new armor or weapon.
That's about it for buying in shops (you cannot sell things to shops, you can only buy or trade things). Now let's move on to the movement commands. These commands appear on the left hand side of the screen during game play:
  • 8/W: This command will move you NORTH (UP)
  • 7/Q: This command will move you NORTHWEST (Diagonally UP to the LEFT)
  • 9/E: This command will move you NORTHEAST (Diagonally UP to the RIGHT)
  • 4/A: This command will move you WEST (LEFT)
  • 6/D: This command will move you EAST (RIGHT)
  • 1/Z: This command will move you SOUTHWEST (Diagonally DOWN to the LEFT)
  • 3/C: This command will move you SOUTHEAST (Diagonally DOWN to the RIGHT)
  • 2/X: This command will move you SOUTH (DOWN)
That's it for movement commands. Now for some information on the items displayed on the screen during game play. First you'll notice that the middle of the screen is the room you are in. You can move around this room, and moving through a door in the room will take you to another room.

Directly above the map portion of the screen, there is a display showing 'TIME', 'LEVEL' and 'HEALTH'. The TIME is the amount of time you have left in the game, LEVEL is your character's current level, and HEALTH is your health status.

To the right of the map section of the screen are the GAME COMMANDS, to the left will either be the character's inventory or the map movement commands (toggled using the './I' command).

Directly below the map section/menu sections of the screen are 3 status lines. They will give you information during the game on what is going on, what you've picked up or run into, who you are fighting, and the damage you are taking (as well as other things).

The bottom half of the screen will display messages that are sent to you by other players, or by the BBS.