Lightning crackles through the the stormy skies, as screams are heard in the distance. War continues on between nobles, as they send their soldiers and mercenaries to do their bidding, to gain more land and power. The church watches quietly, patiently, waiting to take a chunk of the newly won land. Death covers the land, as another age of darkness approaches.

Life is basically wretched for most. They are not fulfilled, or not even given enough to survive, most being the latter. The standard of life is worthless. Many take second jobs as highwaymen, stealing from others so that they can survive. Others serve the war efforts, which proves only slightly better, since most do not survive from skirmish to skirmish. The few survivors gain living wages. A few elite warriors manage to make it up the perilous ladder, only to lose their hard-won gains to a rival noble.

There is a possible hope coming, which is known as magic, but some believe this same life-restoring power is part of the problem. A few smart commoners have learned of another calling. There is indeed need of people to eliminate problems such as rival nobles, and power hungry clergy members. Instead of fighting forces of insurmountable odds, they fight for the one cause. These wanted persons being Assassins...

ASSASSIN is an online role-playing game that takes place in a time similar to the dark ages, where assassins work to make their fortune.

You, as a player, fight to gain experience, gold, and the control of your own guild as you try to become the most powerful assassin in the city. As the game progresses you will learn of other missions to complete.

This program is SHAREWARE. Therefore, if you enjoy it, compliment your sysop on putting this game in their selection of door programs. If you don't like it, try it a couple more times, it may grow on you.

Quick Startup

The first screen after the Title screens looks like the following:

	 ASSASSIN V. 1.10  

	 Scrolls and other Information 
  1> Introduction and Starting Info  2> Details about the Assassin 
  3> Places to go (and people to see)  4> Quick Help 
  N> News of the City  S> Scores of Assassins 
  X> Exit to BBS 
	Press appropriate key or hit RETURN to Enter ASSASSIN: 

Hit RETURN to play the game, or any of the other selections to get the appropriate information.

Creating a New Character

As you enter the game a man will approach you and ask if you have come to train. Answering NO will return you to the BBS. Answering YES will allow you to play the game, and go through the character creation process. If your sysop allows handles in game you will now be allowed to enter one (maximum of 20 letters).

You will then be enrolled at the training grounds and given five training sessions to spend on the following skills:
  • Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Two Handed Weapons. These are offensive skills.

  • Blocking, Slipping, Stealth. These are defensive skills.

  • Endurance. This increases your capability to take punishment
All skills except stealth are usually used in combat situations, while stealth is a skill used throughout the game.

New players to the game may wish to spend three sessions in ONE weapon skill and put the remaining two sessions in the defensive skills Slip and Block.

As you progress through the game, your character will gain more training sessions in which to either hone the original or develop new skills.

Now you will enter the actual city. Look around and explore, just be warned: Don't try an assassination until you get yourself a weapon and armour.

Now here is where I shall leave you, to your own undoing... (Evil Grin)

Brief Summary of Main Menu Commands

    This command puts your assassin in the position to watch for a promising target, then strike. If you are successful, you will gain experience, skill and money. If not, you maybe lucky to escape with your life!!

  2. BANK

    For your finacial needs the bank is here. You can take out a loan, make a deposit to your account, check your current balances, as well as a few other interesting things.


    Guilds provide a fairly safe place to stay overnight, as well as opportunities to get paid for assassinations. You can even begin recruiting the henchmen you will need later in the game.

    Each guild has different fees, but most usually go by an initiation fee which is paid to join, and a daily membership fee for all associated members of the guild.

    All new players are given a complimentary membership to the Master's Tavern. This should be taken advantage of. One advantage is that the job offerings provided give a good source of income rather than random asassination of passers by as in option 'A' which provides you with a rather small income.

  4. INN

    After a hard day of assassinations and walking around the city, an assassin tends to get tired and worn out. The Inn is here to serve your full needs for protection and privacy. You can either nap to regain some lost endurance or spend the night and be well protected.

    Inns also provide a messenger service, along with the daily newspaper.

  5. JAIL

    Take a look at all the Assassin's who've been caught in their illegal activities. You can even BAIL them out!!


    The lab is here for those that wish a speedy recovery after a long, grueling battle. They currently are working on potions that will cause your system to heal quickly. If you purchase a potion, you can either drink it there or take it along until you may really need it. Be warned though, not all potions are beneficial. Some can even be harmful.


    This will give you a list of all the living assassins that currently make their stay in the city and that you may encounter in the future.

  8. PUB

    When you are hungry or thirsty, stop by the pub, it aims to please. You may also wish to indulge in listening to the rumors or by spreading a few of them. For the really adventurous souls, try the All-night drinking challenge, definitely not for lightweights.


    If you need some money or weapons, you may prefer to steal it rather than fight for it or buy it. Your methods are simple: Waylay an opponent, or Pick it from your opponent's holdings. Waylaying usually yields more than picking, but picking is far less dangerous.


    More than likely you will visit here a good few times. There are many places to shop, to satisfy many needs. Window shopping is acceptable however stealing is quite punishable.


    Here's where you begin and should visit often during the game. The training grounds offer courses in offensive and defensive skills by using your accumulated skill points for training sessions.

  12. ALLEY

    The alley is where you will find other assassins that may wish or are forced to stay overnight. You can challenge anyone that is there, and success usually yields the money they happen to carried with them.

  13. STATUS

    This will give you a list of your assassin's attributes including money, experience, skills, armour, weapons, and items.


    This is a quick way to exit the game instead of going to where you wish to stay the night. This will leave you in the alley until you get back to the game.

The Assassin

Each assassin is a fighting machine, the goal is simply to become the most powerful and efficient one. The following sections describes the skills and abilities of the assassins, as well as weapons and fighting.


The value on which all assassins are based is their experience. Experience is gained only through successful assassinations. It controls many factors in an assassin's life such as prestige, infamy, knowledge, ability, etc...

For every ten experience points, an assassin achieves a new level of mastery. At each level of mastery, assassins become more and more advanced. Some of these enhancements are blending into the surroundings, striking with deadlier force, and skill with unusual and unknown weapons.

Skill Points and Training Sessions

Skill is gained through battles. They can be gained if the assassin is successful, and even when he fails an attempt. For every ten skill points attained, a training session is given. Training sessions can be used at the training grounds to gain better offensive and defensive skills.

Offensive Skills

The following skills are related to the offensive ability of the assassin. These correlate to the various tools of destruction which are available to the assassin.
  • LIGHT WEAPONS (Slashing)

    Light weapon skills relate to the dexterity of the individual. The ability is used to manipulate cutting weapons and items that weigh up to ten pounds. Light weapons are meant to be used to cut the opponent and try to sever a major vein. Weapons in the category of light weapon include daggers, stilettoes, and most types of swords.

  • HEAVY WEAPONS (Bashing)

    Heavy weapon skills relates to the strength of the individual. The ability is used to manipulate bashing weapons and items up to twenty pounds efficiently. Heavier weapons are not meant to be used in the way of swords. Instead, they are be used to make a major impact upon the opponent and break them. Heavier weapons include clubs, maces, flails, morning stars and most axes.

  • TWO-HANDED WEAPONS (Slice, Dice, and make Julienne fries)

    Two-handed weapon skills relate to the the ability to quickly manipulate larger sized items. These weapons are usually held with both hands, hence the name, two-handed weapons. When used, the weapon gives a superior edge both in defense and damage due to the concentrated effort. Two-handed weapons include staves, warhammers, halberds, and great weapons.

Defensive Skills

These skills relate to how well the assassin can defend his or herself in various situations. They also correlate to how they work against the various offensive skills.

    Blocking is a defensive skill in which the assassin uses an item to block oncoming attacks. This defense is used against light weapons by countering the force of the blow with an equal or better force.


    Slipping is the defensive skill used to maneuver out of the way of a blow, before it strikes. It is used primarily in dealing with heavy weapons, since heavy weapons are harder to block.


The bread and butter of all assassins is assassination (isn't that obvious). It is done in two phases: the stalking and then the actual attack. The first phase is done in one of three ways.

The first method is simply look around for a promising victim, one of the appropriate level and of the proper prestige. This method provides only a small amount of coins, and a weapon.

The second method is to be hired by someone. This usually provides a larger amount of coins, but the weapon must be given to the employer as proof of the slain opponent.

The third method is the full blown assassination. This method is employed against other assassins, and it is simply a battle first against the opponent's henchmen hopefully followed by a final conflict between the two assassins.


Raids are used to gain wealth and fame, as well as prove you are better than other assassins. Usually raids are between guildmasters, however sometimes raids are against city banks. All raids require at least one third of a day.

Raids against guilds are plain and simple. You group your assassin and henchmen against a guild then storm on in, wreaking as much havoc and damage as possible, then looting the remains.

Raids against banks are just as simple with the exception that you are not trying to destroy the bank, but rather take it over temporarily so that you can steal as much as possible. However, raiding banks can prove more challenging and hazardous since all losses are paid through others' accounts.

Actual Combat

In all assassinations and even some raids you may find yourself locked into mortal combat. To destroy or be destroyed, that is your goal. First, you will get to ready one of your weapons, though some weapons may ready themselves.

Status displays will be the next thing that you see. These give you an overall status of you and your opponent. The levels of status are: Healthy, Wounded, Heavily Wounded, Seriously Wounded, and finally Critical.

At times you may notice an additional word (Stunned) as combat ensues. If you are stunned, you will not be able to do anything except wait until you revive. If your opponent is stunned you may wish to take advantage of the situation by getting in a few good swings or, if your opponent is too formidable, Fleeing.

You will also notice a fatigue level. If you become too fatigued, you will not be able to fight until you gain stamina back. The rate of fatigue is in the approximate order of the commands, Berserk being the most fatiguing while a Defensive posture can help you regain.

Attack options

All attack options have a chance to hit the opponent, hence the name Attack Options. All these will take up your turn in combat.

    This options put your assassin in a totally uncontrollable rage, hacking and slashing until he/she finally finishes the opponent off, runs out of steam, or is knocked silly (STUNNED) by the opponent.

    Your defense will be decreased, while your chance to hit and damage inflicted will be increased significantly. This will quickly sap your stamina until you become somewhat helpless, in which case you will only be able to defend yourself.

  2. LUNGE

    This attack puts a concentrated effort at the target at the cost of some defense. Your chance to hit and damage inflicted will be increased, although your defense will decrease. This options will drain your energy after constant use.


    This attack will put an equal effort to the best of your ability to strike the opponent as well as defend yourself. It offers no bonuses or penalties to your skills or the damage. After a long attack your character will tire with this option.

  4. PARRY

    This is a defensive stature taken to protect, recover, and even put a little offense against the opponent. It offers better defense but a lower chance to hit as well as less damage. You will slowly recover energy with this option.


    With this option, you assume a completely defensive posture, thus lowering your opponents chance of hitting you, but you have little if any chance of hitting them. You will gain energy back at a fairly good rate when a defensive posture is used.

Other Options

These options will never generate a chance to hit the opponent. All with the exception of Z) STATS will take your turn in combat.
  1. FLEE

    To flee is to simply run away as fast as possible, before you are killed. However, before you get a chance to dissapear into the shadow, the opponent will take another swing at you, against which you are at an even weaker defense.

  2. QUAFF

    If the outcome of the battle is too close and you have a potion to spare, you may wish to drink it to hopefully recover an amount of endurance that might make the difference between life or death. Be it known that most potions effects will be delayed so be sure you can take a blow or two.

  3. READY

    Use this option if you have decided that the weapon you are using seems ineffective, or you just would prefer to use something else. Through this command, you will be able to exchange your current weapon for another (assuming you have one).

  4. USE

    Some items you find may be usuable in combat, but most aren't. So be careful, this will put you in a weak defense if the item is not usuable.

  5. STATS

    This will give you a verbose description of your character including health, skill, items and gold. As mentioned it does not require a turn in combat so you may pick a choice afterwards.


From all successful assassinations and raids must come something other than the simple fun of slaughtering; that is why there are spoils. Spoils come in many shapes and sizes, the basic forms are currency and items.


Currency comes in two major forms - gems and coins. Currency's main advantage over items is that it is easily traded. Coinage is the standard; it comes in four main types - copper, silver, gold and platinum. Each one has ten times the value of the previous with one copper equal to the base of all currency.

Both copper and silver are common and are usually traded both ways. However gold and platinum are slightly different cases. Gold is uncommon, not too unusual but uncommon nonetheless, banks will usually change silver and copper to gold at an exchange rate between one and two percent.

Platinum is rare by all terms and is also very different from the others. Platinum's value fluctuates from day to day however it does have a standard value of one thousand copper to most. Only a few banks actually exchange to platinum.


Items is a basic term which encompasses many things, ranging from jewelry to enchanted weapons. Some items can be used while others just sit there and collect dust. The only method of determining which is which is through trial and error.

Weapons are almost always found upon victims of assassins, some are endowed with magic powers while others carry a curse. It is nearly impossible to discern the mundane from the magical. It seems the only plausible way to determine magic from mundane is to have an enchanter examine it.


A promising assassin will eventually find his or her path leading here. A guild can be located from anywhere from a Tavern to a Hotel. At first you must choose which guild to go to. A list of the available guilds will be displayed from which to choose.

Once inside, you will have options available depending on your status. Non-members may wish to send an application to join the guild. Each guild is either controlled by a player or the computer. The computer will always allow players to join, while applicants to player controlled guilds will have to wait for a response from the Guild Master.

Guild Options...
  1. Apply for Membership

    All assassins that wish to join a guild will start here with an application. You must have the initiation fee if you want your application to even be considered so be sure you have it.

  2. Challenge the Guild Master

    Tired of your current guild master? Want life to have more meaning? Be sure you have enough strength to handle the guild master for if you fail, the guild you belonged to will abandon you and you won't be getting your initiation fee back.

  3. Buy a Drink

    Here you can get something to drink. There are many varieties to choose from, some having alcohol some not. Though when you are thirsty you best drink up as it is quite easy to get dehydrated in a days action.

  4. Enter Message

    This will allow you to enter a message to any or all members of the guild. It is a maximum of five 80 character lines.

  5. Hire Henchmen

    Members and Masters will always need good reliable henchmen to help them in their activities. Each henchmen ranges from a level 1 to level 5. Level 1 are apprentices while level 5 are well-established assassins.

  6. Job Opportunities

    Finally, what assassins were meant to do - be recompensed for killing people. It takes a turn to wait around for someone to notice you and possibly ask you to do them a favor. They will offer you a price which you may either accept or not. If you do not, they may offer a higher price or they just may leave you. If you accept, you must kill the opponent and bring back one of their possessions. At that point you will be paid for your service.

  7. List Guild Members

    This will give you a list of all current members, including the master if he or she is a player.

  8. Plan a Raid or Assassination

    The Raid will enable you to raid another guild allowing you take some of it's hoard as well as damaging or even destroying the guild in the process.

    An Assassination will enable you to attack any assassin in most locations. No assassin can be protected from a planned assassination. The only good defense for them is a strong offense.

    Each one of these options, the raid or the assassination will take at least one third of a day.

  9. Read Guild Messages

    This will allow you to read any message from your fellow guildspeople.

  10. Transfer Items

    This option will allow you to help out thy fellow guild members with a loan of either Copper or Henchmen.

  11. Quit the guild

    This will allow you to leave your current guild, minus your initiation fee. You will be asked if you are sure, in case you have second thoughts or accidentally pressed Q. If you are the master, and have not transfered guild ownership, you will relinquish control to the computer.

  12. Stay here for the night

    You won't recover as much as you would as if you were in the Inn, but you are far safer in a guild than in the alleys.
The following options are for Guild Masters only.
  1. Maintain the Guild

    This will bring the Guild master into his private room where he can do the menial things a guild master does. Transfering money, henchman, changing the guild's name and guild's fees. Most options should be self explanatory though I will briefly describe them.

    Guild Maintainance Options...

    1. Transfer Copper

      This will allowyou to put some of your money in the Guild's coffers, or to take some of the Fee money for your own purposes.

    2. Expel a Member

      This get's rid of those unwanted assassins currently leaching off of your fine establishment.

    3. Change fees

      This option allows updating of the Guild's Initiation and daily fees

    4. Transfer Henchmen

      This will allow you post some of your henchmen on Guard Duty for the Guild, or take them with you if needed for other duties.

    5. Edit Guild Messages

      Don't like what some of your Members say around the Guild? Well here you can go to clean up the messages or Delete them.

    6. Change Guild Name

      Tired of the Guild's Name from the Last owner and what to change it? Here is where you do it.

    7. Process Applications

      Probably the most important option, here is where you can review the hopefulls who want to be members of your Guild. Accept, and you get the Initiation Fee, plus more money each day. Reject them, and they might come back with a Grudge.

    8. Reinforce the Guild

      Want to make the Guild stronger against Raids from your Rivals? Here you can call in the Contractor (no license required here) to Pump Up the defences.

    9. Guild status

      This give you the overall status report of your guild.

    10. Transfer ownership

      This will allow you to renounce your Guild to one of your well deserving guild members.


The following section describes the various locations in the cities. They include the rugged alleys, mystic labs, pricey shoppes, fine inns as well as many other known and unknown.


Here is where you can find the toughest, possibly most dangerous assassins around, or perhaps ones that don't have a place to shelter overnight. It is an Arena where only the strongest survive and even then sometimes they don't live to see the next day. The city will also pay anyone who sticks here overnight.
  1. Back Door

    This is where you will have the opportunity to do some Street Gambling. Be careful which game you choose to play. Some are FATAL!

  2. Challenge an assassin

    This option will allow you to face someone in the alley. You will engage yourself in combat very much like assassinating a computer opponent. No frills, no henchmen to get in the way, etc.

  3. List other assassins in the alley

    This will give you a list of assassins in the alley just waiting for a fight or stuck out here for the night.

  4. Remain here overnight

    Basically is another way to quit out of the game. It will leave you in the alley 'til you return much like the Main Menu's Exit command.

  5. Exit to the main street

    This will return you to the main menu.


Banks provide financial services for all sorts, including the larcenous assassin. You may wish to start an account with them, get a loan, or go straight in and try to rob it of all its assets.
  1. Check thy credit rating

    This will notify you of all the money you currently have including amount being carried, the amount on deposit, the amount on a loan, and the maximum amount that is available to you for a loan.

  2. Deposit into an account

    If you have some extra cash and would prefer not getting it stolen by someone else, then you may wish to open an account with one of the banks. Each bank will give varying rates of interest as long as you have the minimum deposit needed.

    Currently this version offers two to four percent daily, when you have one thousand copper in your account.

  3. Take out a Loan

    If you are in need of some money, whether for arms, armour, potions, equipment, guild fee's etc., you may want to get a loan from the bank. They will be happy to assist you. Each bank will have it's own interest rate, and be sure to pay them back.

    Currently, the bank charges two percent to the loan immediately. Thereafter the amount due will increase at a rate of eight percent daily.

  4. Pay back a Loan

    Eventually you will wish to payback a loan (won't you?), but payments do require some time to process.

  5. Rob the bank

    This option will do a straight out bank robbery, so have your henchmen ready because you are going need them. Banks don't take kindly to someone attempting a robbery. A successful robbery means you will take a large sum of money from the bank, a failure surely means you will be arrested and fined, if not imprisoned.

  6. Withdraw from account

    This process will allow you to take out money that you have previously deposited. Just enter the amount and you are off, with almost instant service. There are no penalties for early withdrawals, unless they are at knife-point.

  7. Exit the bank

    This will return you to the main menu (the city options).


The best place to rest and recover from a hard day of battling everything. The inn offers a place to nap and kill a few hours or stay the night and really do some recuperating. No one can attack you in the Inn. It is a safe place to stay. Also at the Inn you can take a look through the daily news scroll provided by Blephin Inc. There is a messenger service for those that want to contact other assassins in the city.
  1. Check the Registry

    This will give a list of all assassins that are currently resting at the inn.

  2. Look at the News

    For those of you that missed the newspaper or just want to view it again here is where you can do it. The news usually covers any new arrivals in the city, new guild members, new masters, court cases and many other things.

  3. Take a Nap

    Want some recovery for a fairly low price, prefer nature to trusting the alchemist's lab. If so it will cost you fifty coppers but you are free to rest as long as you want.

  4. Rest Overnight

    This is a bit on the costly side but it allows for a lot of recovery. However, any remaining turns will be gone and you will not be able to return until the next day, but you are safe within the inn.

  5. Read thy messages

    Here is where you can read all of the messages that you have received. This is a free service.

  6. Send a private message

    Each message cost you a mere 10 copper pieces, which basically covers the cost for delivery. All messages can only be five lines long and eighty characters wide. Hopefully that will be enough.


The Alchemist's Laboratory is for those looking for a quick way to recover endurance. Most potions will allow you to recover, some can totally restore you while others can be useless or even harmful. You will just have to take your chances.

The lab is also experimenting with new potions that will probably be seen later, but right now the experimental healing potions cost seventy five copper pieces and takes a turn to create.

Special Note: Yes, there are other potions and believe it or not even the UNREGISTERED version has them. The alchemists will gladly explain them to you when you ask about them.


Pubs are notorious for the action they have, whether for the gambling sensation of a drink off to the rumours and gossip that fill them. Plus they also provide a pleasant place to dine at or drink your woes aways.
  1. Challenge

    This option will allow you to drink with someone who feels like spending a night at the pub whether to wake up with a hangover or find themself a few gold coins richer.

  2. Buy a Drink

    Here you can get something to drink. There are many varieties to choose from, some having alcohol some not. Though when you are thirsty you best drink up as it is quite easy to get dehydrated in a days action.

  3. Buy some Food

    Just as thirst is to drink, food is to hunger. Even though you probably won't starve in a day, hunger can weaken to you. The cost of foods vary as well as how they will satiate one's hunger.

  4. Kill an Assassin

    No one said pubs are a safe place to stay. Some mean assassins love to start a barroom brawl. Of course the pubs has bouncers to deal with such, but they do not always stop it in time.

  5. Listen to Rumors

    This is how you can hear all of the rumors that were spread here. Rumors will last about three days.

  6. Start a Rumor

    Have a message you want to tell to everybody? Well here is the place to do it. Anyone who wants to listen will hear it.

  7. Wait the Night

    Here is your chance to spend the night drinking and carousing. If you want to join the All-Night Drinkoff, this is how you do it.


Here in the city there are many types of shoppes, though each one is as convenient as another. You just have to figure out which one to go to for what you want.
  1. Buy You will be shown a list of goods for each shop, and the price of each of these goods. If you wish to purchase, enter the number of your choice, and if you have enouigh copper, its yours.

  2. Sell

    Will give a list of any items you possess in which the shop keeper may be interested. If you do wish to sell, enter its number. You will then be offered a price. If you don't like it then don't sell it.

    Special Note on Weapons: If you are carrying three weapons you may wish to sell one since you can only hold three at any one time.

  3. Exit the shoppe

    This returns you to the city's main options.


This place should be visited often by the assassin that wishes to succeed. Here you can turn your skill points into actual skills. A training sessions is given for every ten skill points. Most of the time, training sessions will require you to use some of your turns to increase skills, however at the beginning of the day you will not be charged turns to increase skills.

The skills you are permitted to increase are as follows:
  1. Blocking

    This is your ability to block light weapons and also defend partially against two handed weapons. This skill relates to your defensive strength.

  2. Endurance

    This is a way to increase your hardiness, so you will be able to take more damage in combat and still keep on fighting.

  3. Heavy Weapons

    This is a skill that measures your ability with heavy weapons. They are the club, the mace, the flail, the morning star, and the battle axe. This skill helps in determining your offensive strength.

  4. Light Weapons

    This is a skill that measures your ability to use light weapons. They are the dagger, stiletto, short sword, broad sword and long sword. This skills helps in determining your offensive agility.

  5. Slipping

    This is your ability to slip away from heavy weapon it also provide the other half of defense against two handed weapons. This skill relates to your defensive agility.

  6. Two-Handed Weapons

    These are very special but quite costly this skill measures your ability with two handed weapons. They are the staff, the war hammer, the halberd, the great axe and the great sword.

    What makes these weapons special is they do twice as much damage as there predecessors light and heavy and they provide a defense since all efforts are concentrate upon them. This skill helps in determining your balance.

  7. Stealth

    This is the ability to hide in shadows, to escape when being pursued and generally disappear when the tough needs to get going.

  8. Show Stats

    Once more this will display your current status.

  9. Exit the Training Grounds

    This will return you to the Main Menu of Commands.

Quick Start Instructions

For those who are impatient, lazy, or just plain tired of reading the 26k worth instructions for Assassin, this list has been compiled for you. This shouldn't take more then five to ten minutes to read.


From most menus you can hit Z) Stats to view your character in full, verbose, over-rated, details. This includes skills, weapons, gold, guilds, henchmen, etc.


To increase your skills (Which happen to be Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Blocking, Slipping, Stealth and Endurance) from the MAIN MENU, press 'T' go to T) Training Grounds then choose the skill you wish to increase. When asked how many training sessions to use, choose what you feel is appropriate. The more sessions you use, the more that skill will increase.


From the MAIN MENU go to S) Shoppes then choose the store you wish to go to (The Armoury for Armour, The General Store for items of General use, Magical Realms for items of Magic, Thieves Guild for thieving tools, and of course Weapons 'R Us for weapons.

Once in a shoppe you may choose to B) Buy or S) Sell items. Of course selling will almost always yield a lower value then the purchase value (wear and tear, you know).


For simple use, it is basically reccomended that you deposit any money you have. To deposit enter the BANK from the MAIN MENU and hit D to Deposit. If If you have money in the account you may wish to withdraw just click W to Withdraw money. Loans can also be taken out, but should be repaid.


For leaving private messages, stop by here. It also makes a fine place to crash for the night with a good recovery ratio, or if you need to rest for a few turns to build up some strength by N) Napping.


When you are HUNGRY or THIRSTY stop by and buy some grub or a drink. Also, if you wish to stay to play the drinking game, you will need yourself a silver piece. See the barkeeper for details.


If you are severely wounded, a potion of healing from here may be a good quick cure. These potions can also be carried with you to be used at a later time, but may deteriorate and cause strange effects.


When you first begin you will be a member of the Master's Tavern. The option you should take advantage is the J) Job Opportunities, it provides a good amount of income for eliminating rogues, beggars which are fairly easy opponents.


Fighting can be activated through many options, but the most common are:
  2. Job Opportunities (from GUILD).
Once in combat you can attack to try and strike your opponent:
  1. BERSERK: Attack savagely leaving little defense but more damage until you are TIRED.
  2. LUNGE: An attack heavy on the offense with a reasonable defense.
  3. NORMAL: A standard attack with a good defense.
  4. PARRY: A defensive stature which is weaker on the offense power.
  5. DEFENSIVE: A fully defensive posture used to recover stamina.
You can also do something else:
  1. FLEE: Run away leaving you with a weak defense.
  2. READY: Enable you to change weapon when in combat.
  3. QUAFF: Drink a potion which you are carrying however the effects may be delayed.
  4. USE: Use an item.
With the exceptions of Z) STATS all options take a combat turn. When and if you succeed in eliminating your opponent you will take any money left over. If the assassination was not as a job you may wish to keep the weapon you find, but be warned, some weapons are cursed.

Thats all there is to it. For further more intricate details relating to the commands please read the other instruction files.

Farewell and good journeys.