Legend of the Red Dragon II: New World

Help and Strategy

LORD II: New World is a very different kind of game. There is a huge world to explore (over 300 screens), many people and animals to meet (not all of them nice), and other REAL players to befriend of kill -- even while they are online playing at the same time!

You can be good or you can be evil. You can save the world or you can destroy it.

Find Some Cash!

Do this by 'pushing' against the table in 'your' house (the one you start in). With this money you can buy cheap things at the store.

Get Berries for Your Mom

Just west of your cottage there is a small patch that looks different than the rest. Try pushing against it. You'll find some berries. If you see a certain block of grass or stone that looks different, try pushing against it. You never know what you'll find (but most likely something good).

Fight Monsters, Heal Yourself

This isn't such an unfamiliar idea! But it is more tricky now. First, find an area that looks like it might contain monsters (usually away from towns and villages).

Next, walk around. You will randomly encounter various beasts / people and be able to kill and sometimes talk with them. Some area contain a HIGHER chance of running into things.

When you are low on hit points, you will need to heal yourself. Inside Stonebrook there is such a place. Later, when you have more gold you may wish to purchase items that have the same effect. Different color potions are the easiest way to heal on the road.

Raising Levels

No matter how long you have been playing the game, it is ALWAYS possible to improve your skills by gaining a level provided you have the experience. In all the land there is only ONE place you can do this -- Barak's Training Center in Greentree. Beware of Barak though. He is kind of a jerk.

What is Alignment?

This is what determines what kind of person you are -- naughty or nice. 0 is average, 10 is very nice, and -10 is very nasty.

Someone who is nasty might see different options than someone who is nice. Depending on their level of evil they might have an option to kick a beggar in the head while a nice person would see 'give him some gold' as an option. Get it?

Arming Weapons and Armor 101

Before you can use them you need to arm them. From the map menu, hitting V will bring up your stat screen. This is where you can see things like what you are holding and how strong you are.

You equip and use items the same way -- by highlighting them with the light bar and pressing enter. You will then be given a list of options that can be done with the item. Some items will have more than one use.

After equipping a weapon or armor, pay close attention to your overal Attack and Defense. The amount these increment is how you know how good a particular piece of equipment is!

Getting Jobs and Quests

Certain people you talk to will let you 'conduct business.' This usually means they have a job for you to do.

If it involves going somewhere you have never heard of, do not accept it and see if they have any others. You only get 4 job offers per day max by default, so be smart!

Quick Tip: Finish the quest on the same day and you will get a bonus!