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Race: Troll


Once at home in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, the fierce trolls were pushed out by warring factions. Eventually the trolls befriended the orcish Horde, and Thrall, the orcs' young warchief, convinced the trolls to travel with him to Kalimdor. Though they cling to their shadowy heritage, the Darkspear trolls hold a place of honor in the Horde.

  • Beast Slaying (increases damage dealt to beasts by 5%)
  • Berserking (increases attack speed by 10-30% for 10 seconds)
  • Bow Specialization (increases critical chance with bows by 1%)
  • Regeneration (increases health regeneration by 10%)
  • Throwing Specialization (increases critical chance with thrown weapons by 1%)

Available Classes:
Starting Location:
  • Valley of Trials, Durotar (Kalimdor)

  • Common
  • Troll