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Race: Orc


The orc race originated on the planet Draenor. A peaceful people with shamanic beliefs, they were enslaved by the Burning Legion and forced into war with the humans of Azeroth. Although it took many years, the orcs finally escaped the demons' corruption and won their freedom. To this day they fight for honor in an alien world that hates and reviles them.

  • Axe Specialization (increases expertise with axes by 5)
  • Blood Fury (increases attack power by 6 but reduces healing by 50%; lasts 15 seconds)
  • Command (increases hunter and warlock pet damage by 5%)
  • Hardiness (increases chance to resist stun effects by 15%)

Available Classes:
Starting Location:
  • Valley of Trials, Durotar (Kalimdor)

  • Orcish