Arcane Mechanic Trick: Time Clog
Time Clog Cost: 3
Freezes time around you and creates a bubble of personal time where you are free to act. Attacking, moving or casting causes this bubble to shrink. Other actions like shuffling items in your inventory are free. When the bubble disappears, the world returns to normal.

Skill Ranks
  1. Stops time for 8s
  2. Stops time for 11s
  3. Stops time for 14s
  4. Stops time for 17s
  5. Stops time for 20s
  6. Stops time for 23s
  7. Stops time for 26s

Skill Masteries

Timeless Rush: Moving during the spell only costs half as much time as before. Requires Rank 5.
Frozen Carnage: Your damage is increased by 10% during the spell. Requires Rank 10.