To collect the data below, I started with a "stock" Tremere character, which starts with this character sheet:

Strength 1Charisma 1Perception 2
Dexterity 1Manipulation 1Intelligence 1
Stamina 2Appearance 1Wits 2
Brawl 1Firearms 1Computer 1
Dodge 1Melee 0Finance 1
Intimidation 0Security 0Investigation 0
Subterfuge 0Stealth 0Scholarship 1
Auspex 1Dominate 1Thaumaturgy 2

Then, I played the game normally, completing every possible side quest for the maximum number of XP. I turned off the Auto Level feature until I saved up a few XP, took off my armor and dropped any occult items that affect the character's stats (like the Fae Charm), then flipped the autolevel feature on and off and made a note of the changes made to the character sheet. Here's the autolevel scheme:

PurchasedXP CostXP Spent
Melee 133
Dominate 258
Computer 2311
Intimidation 1314
Thaumaturgy 31024
Intelligence 2428
Charisma 2432
Scholarship 2335
Auspex 2540
Strength 2444
Melee 2347
Dominate 31057
Auspex 31067
Intimidation 2370
Intelligence 3878
Charisma 3887
Thaumaturgy 415102
Wits 38110
Computer 36116
Dodge 23119
Intelligence 412131
Scholarship 36137
Dominate 415152
Auspex 415167
Strength 38175
Melee 36181
Thaumaturgy 520201
Intimidation 36207
Charisma 412219
Perception 38227
Wits 412239
Computer 49248
Scholarship 49257***
Strength 412269
Melee 49278
Wits 516294
Intimidate 49303
Dominate 520323
Intelligence 516339
Auspex 520359
Charisma 516375
Perception 412387
Dodge 36393
Melee 512405
Scholarship 512417

***NOTE: Even if you finish every sidequest, you will probably not be able to get past this point on the autolevel scheme. However, you should have a few XP left for customization.

Here's my advice: Leave the auto-level scheme turned off at first. With your first 3 XP, buy Scholarship 2. Not only is it already on the auto-level scheme, but you can save a few XP by reading books, AND you'll be able to "Persuade" a few of the characters in Santa Monica to part with some money. Spend 3 XP to buy a dot in Security, and 4 XP to buy a dot in Dexterity.

If you learn as much as you can from books and NPCs, your character sheet will look something like this before your final encounter with the prince, not including any modifiers for armor or occult items. This sheet DOES reflect:

- One free dot in Dodge, learned from a book.
- One free dot in Stealth, learned from a book.
- Two free dot in Computers, learned from books.
- One free dot in Firearms, learned from a book.
- One free dot in Firearms, taught by Romero.
- One free dot in Brawl, taught by Nines.

Strength 3Charisma 4Perception 3
Dexterity 2Manipulation 1Intelligence 4
Stamina 1Appearance 1Wits 4
Brawl 2Firearms 3Computer 4
Dodge 2Melee 3Finance 1
Intimidation 3Security 1Investigation 0
Subterfuge 0Stealth 1Scholarship 4
Auspex 4Dominate 4Thaumaturgy 5

ANALYSIS: When it comes to combat, this character sucks at both brawling and with ranged weapons. With Dominate 4 and Thaumaturgy 5, you don't really need ranged weapons anyway because you have so many different ways to kill people at a distance with disciplines. This character is pretty good with melee weapons, though.

Socially, you can either Persuade or Intimidate people. The character is no good at seduction at all. Its Security and Stealth skills are poor, but it's really good at hacking, so you'll be able to bypass some locks simply by hacking a computer.

Autolevel information provided by Marcus Spears.