To collect the data below, I started with a "stock" Nosferatu character. This is what you get when you select your clan and gender and click on "Auto-Apply Points":

Strength 1Charisma 1Perception 2
Dexterity 1Manipulation 1Intelligence 1
Stamina 2Appearance 0Wits 2
Brawl 0Firearms 0Computer 2
Dodge 1Melee 1Finance 0
Intimidation 0Security 1Investigation 0
Subterfuge 0Stealth 1Scholarship 1
Animalism 1Obfuscate 2Potence 1

Then, I played the game normally, completing every possible side quest for the maximum number of XP. I left the Auto Level feature turned off until I saved up a few XP. Then, I took off my armor and any occult items that affect the character's statistics, and flicked Autolevel on and off again and made a note of the changes on the character sheet.

The reason for taking off armor is because of a bug in the way the game handles Dexterity. If you're wearing light leather or better, the game may try to buy another point of Dexterity instead of buying the next item on the list. Hopefully, this will be fixed in a patch.

Here's the autolevel scheme for Nosferatu characters. This list is identical for both male and female characters (only the clan is important, not the gender):

PurchasedXP CostXP Spent
Dexterity 244
Firearms 137
Strength 2411
Firearms 2314
Obfuscate 31024
Stealth 2327
Potence 2532
Perception 3840
Animalism 2545
Dexterity 3853
Strength 3861
Melee 2364
Firearms 3670
Security 2373
Obfuscate 41588
Stealth 3694
Animalism 310104
Melee 36110
Potence 310120
Dexterity 412132
Security 36138
Stealth 49147
Potence 415162
Firearms 49171
Animalism 415186
Strength 412198
Obfuscate 520218
Security 49221
Stealth 512233
Perception 516249***
Dexterity 516265
Firearms 512277
Animalism 520297
Potence 520317
Melee 49326

***NOTE: Even if you complete all side quests, you will not get past this point. The fact that the autolevel list keeps going implies that some quests might have been removed, or that an expansion is planned.

My advice is to spend your first 3 XP to buy another dot in Scholarship. This will let you coax a little more money out of some of the NPCs in Santa Monica, and it will let you read another book or two to improve your skills. Do NOT buy Firearms 1 or Stealth 2; you can learn those from books and spend the XP elsewhere.

If you ally with anyone other than Ming Xiao, your character sheet will look something like this before your final encounter with the prince, not including any modifiers for armor or occult items. This sheet DOES reflect the following:

- One dot in Brawl, taught by Nines;
- One dot in Dodge, learned from a book;
- One dot in Stealth, learned from a book;
- One dot in Firearms, learned from a book;
- One dot in Firearms, taught by Romero; and
- One dot in Computer, taught by Bertrand Tund.

Strength 4Charisma 1Perception 5
Dexterity 4Manipulation 1Intelligence 1
Stamina 2Appearance 0Wits 2
Brawl 1Firearms 4Computer 3
Dodge 2Melee 3Finance 0
Intimidation 0Security 4Investigation 0
Subterfuge 0Stealth 5Scholarship 2
Animalism 4Obfuscate 5Potence 4

ANALYSIS: In an odd way, this is one of the most well-balanced characters I've played so far. He doesn't have a lot of resistance to damage (low Stamina), but he doesn't really need it... if they can't see you, they can't shoot you, and with Obfuscate 5 they WON'T see you unless you WANT to be seen.

Combine Stealth 5 and Obfuscate 5 with Security 4 and Computer 3, and you have a character that can go almost anywhere he wants to go. Perception 5 and Firearms 4 makes him an expert with Ranged weapons, and Strength 4 plus Melee 3 makes him above average with Melee weapons... a near-perfect silent killer. You could hide yourself in a titanium coffin in the middle of Fort Knox, and he'd STILL find a way to get to you.

This character's only real flaw is in the Social area, because of the Nosferatu's deformities. A lot of people aren't going to want to have anything to do with you. This isn't always a bad thing, as the "A Dish Best Served Cold" sidequest proves.

Autolevel information provided by Marcus Spears.