To collect the data below, I started with a "stock" Gangrel character, which starts with this character sheet:

Strength 2Charisma 1Perception 1
Dexterity 1Manipulation 1Intelligence 1
Stamina 2Appearance 1Wits 2
Brawl 1Firearms 1Computer 1
Dodge 1Melee 1Finance 0
Intimidation 0Security 1Investigation 0
Subterfuge 0Stealth 0Scholarship 0
Animalism 1Fortitude 2Protean 1

Then, I played the game normally, completing every possible side quest for the maximum number of XP. If you follow the autolevel scheme, you will not be able to finish the "Dish Best Served Cold" sidequest, or get some of the bonus XP for finding the faults of the guests in the "Italian Dinner" sidequest because of the total lack of Persuasion. Here's the autolevel scheme for Gangrel characters:

PurchasedXP CostXP Spent
Stealth 133
Protean 258
Stealth 2311
Melee 2314
Strength 3822
Brawl 2325
Dexterity 2429
Animalism 2534
Stealth 3640
Protean 31050
Brawl 3656
Melee 3662
Dexterity 3870
Strength 41282
Fortitude 31092
Dodge 2395
Protean 415110
Melee 49119
Stealth 49128
Animalism 310138
Fortitude 415153
Brawl 49162
Protean 520182
Dodge 36188
Strength 516204
Animalism 415219
Fortitude 520239
Melee 512251***
Stealth 512263
Stamina 38271
Dodge 49280
Perception 24284
Animalism 520304
Dodge 512316

***NOTE: If you follow my advice below, your character will probably get as far as Melee 5. If not, your character will not make it past Fortitude 5.

ANALYSIS: This character is best used for stealth-killing your enemies. If that won't work, use Fortitude to boost your soak so you can survive a stand-up fight. My advice is, don't activate auto- levelling immediately. Instead, start by taking the missions at Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds ("A Bounty for the Hunter" and the first part of "Mudd Hunt"). This will earn just enough experience points for you to buy 2 dots of the Scholarship skill.

Don't worry, you're not wasting your XP. Spending your first 6 XP on Scholarship will give you enough persuasion to bilk up to another $510 out of the NPCs in Santa Monica ($50 from the lady in the Diner, and up to $460 from the poor guy on the beach who thinks he can become human again from a blood transfusion or killing the head vampire). It also lets you read a few books to get a free dot in Dodge, Stealth, Firearms, and Computer.

Once you buy the two dots in Scholarship, start MANUALLY checking off the items on the autolevel list. Do NOT buy Brawl 2, though. Instead, as soon as you get to Downtown, go see Nines and get him to teach you the second dot in Brawl. Now, you can turn the autolevel feature on.

When you meet Beckett the second time (either at the end of the "Patron of the Ancient Arts" quest or the end of "The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus" quest, I don't remember which), he will teach you a dot in Animalism if you tell him you're having trouble with it.

Following this advice will actually save you enough points that your character sheet will look something like this before your final encounter with the prince, not including any modifiers for armor or occult items. It DOES include:

- One free dot in Brawl, taught by Nines;
- One free dot in Dodge, learned from a book;
- One free dot in Stealth, learned from a book;
- One free dot in Firearms, learned from a book;
- One free dot in Firearms, learned from Romero;
- One free dot in Computer, learned from a book; and
- One free dot in Animalism, learned from Beckett.

Strength 5Charisma 1Perception 2
Dexterity 3Manipulation 1Intelligence 1
Stamina 2Appearance 1Wits 2
Brawl 4Firearms 3Computer 2
Dodge 3Melee 5Finance 0
Intimidation 0Security 1Investigation 0
Subterfuge 0Stealth 4Scholarship 2
Animalism 4Fortitude 5Protean 5

Autolevel information provided by Marcus Spears.